Gardens & Interiors by Suzanne was founded in the 1970’s (see Suzanne’s bio here) in Highland Park (a small community in Dallas, Texas). After Suzanne’s passing her daughter-in-law Kelly Dees took over the company (see Kelly’s bio here).

We are a full service interior / exterior design firm located in Dallas, Texas (see services here). However, during the pandemic Kelly began working virtually (click here to see how you can work with Kelly) with clients so that she could focus on family life and be home with her two year old daughter during this time.

Kelly also added blogger to her resume! . . . w/ Kelly is a lifestyle blog that focuses on healthy living, home decor and entertaining. Kelly was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Diabetes so she focuses on sugar free, gluten free, low carb and Keto recipes. She believes just because you can’t have all of the “good” stuff doesn’t mean you can’t eat delicious food!

Summer is all about picnics and barbecue, at least it is in the south! Which typically means lots of bread and sugar. Here are some of my favorite recipes and creations that will leave your carbohydrate starved stomach satisfied minus the bloat.

Ever since the pandemic hit more people are entertaining at home. I really hope we go back to the 1950’s style dinner party with lovely party dresses! In the meantime here’s a collection of summer entertaining essentials and fun summer decor items to give your home all of the summer feels.

As a fashion major I LOVE clothes! Unfortunately, I’m only 4’11” so I primarily focus on petite fashion but I do post anything and everything that screams at me! When it comes to beauty products I only share products that I’m currently using for problem areas (I’m 38 and trying to mature gracefully!).

Whether you’re looking for gluten free travel tips, how to deal with a toddler tantrum or how to fit in a date night while you’re trying to deal with everything mentioned above this is the section for you!

… w/Kelly

The Blog

. . . w/ Kelly is my blog. The dot, dot, dot is meant to fill in the blank. Such as Cooking with Kelly, Life with Kelly, Beauty & Fashion with Kelly and Life with Kelly.

I started my blog mainly to occupy my time during the first few month’s of the pandemic. I’m a VERY creative person and I needed an outlet to express myself. Being at home ALL day with a newborn, by myself, may seem magical but if you’ve done it then you know how mentally exhausting it can be and how we really do need social interaction with adults!!!! I never understood this until that moment of my life.

My blog initially started out as an interior design blog but when I became a mom it quickly changed. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Diabetes and I had sooooo many questions. Frankly I just wanted someone to tell me what to eat, why my hair was falling out and what the heck all of these dark spots were that just showed up on my face!

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and entertaining. I would find recipes on Pinterest that looked delicious but I would make them and YUCK! So that’s when I started sharing my favorite recipes, cookbooks and my meal plans. My endocrinologist suggested that I try Keto years ago and I’ve never looked back. Family members started noticing a change in my appearance and wanted to know what I was doing. I remember thinking I could NEVER do Keto because it was just too difficult counting carbs, etc.

I’ve been a meal planner ever since I can remember, I don’t spend as much on groceries when I plan our food out for the week! So when my family wanted to know what I was eating I just started sending them my meal plan for the week. My meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. I honestly feel like I eat so much more on the Keto diet. I was already e-mailing everyone my weekly plan so I just started posting it on my blog!

I can honestly say the thing for me was cutting out the gluten. Not just because I have Celiac but gluten is an inflammatory and once I got that out of my system the swelling in my face and body was completely gone! Not to mention all of the aches and pains I had for years were gone as well.

I created . . . w/ Kelly to be your gluten free, sugar free, low carb, Keto resource. Think of Southern Living but instead of those delicious fluffy baked recipes I share delicious gluten free recipes, home decor, gluten free entertaining and even gluten free travel! Yes, GLUTEN FREE TRAVEL!!!!

Gluten free food is becoming much more popular, frankly I just think doctors are testing for it more these days, but I’m here to tell you that traveling and trying to find gluten free options is a pain in the rear end! It’s something that I NEVER though of until we were staying in a hotel and I wanted to order room service for breakfast. The only thing that I could eat was a cup of berries! FYI, a lot of hotels mix in flour with their eggs to make them fluffier which is why they’re not labeled gluten free on the room service menu (I NEVER knew this)! So yes I post our travel expeditions with hotels, restaurants and even airplane/car snacks.

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