Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time especially if you’re the one hosting. I know every couple or family creates their own tradition and what works for them. Our tradition is to attend Thanksgiving with my husband’s family in the morning or lunch and then we celebrate with my family in the evening. However, my challenge comes from all of the people that we have stopping by unannounced!

So how do I get our house ready for the holidays?

  1. Set a weekly cleaning schedule. It’s easier to do a few things each day rather than get stressed about trying to do everything all at once. During this time be sure to wipe down baseboards and Swiffer under furniture. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a dust bunny creeping out while guests are in your home.
  2. Keep snack items on hand that make putting a cheese tray together very quickly.IMG_8359
  3. Even if you’re not a drinker your guests might be and there’s nothing more hospitable than offering your guests a beverage when they come over. Keep a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine in your fridge at all times as well as a nice bottle of Chardonnay.
  4. I love seasonal beverage napkins. They’re that little touch that goes a long way. These can be found at Swoozies.212352-500
  5. Always have a couple of staple items in your bar ie: gin, vodka, whisky, tonic water, soda water, coke and diet coke and don’t forget lemons and limes. If you’re just popping by your guests aren’t going to expect a martini or something difficult to make. If they do they should’ve brought their own bar!
  6. Give your home a signature scent. My favorite is Lemongrass by Nest. It’s clean and inviting. Nest products are great they not only have candles but also reed diffusers that you can set-up through your house to give it a common scent. The Nest brand can be found at Neiman Marcus and other fine retailers.NMC1N0J_mu
  7. I also try to keep unsweetened pre-made iced tea in our fridge and since I don’t know what everyone prefers these days when it comes to sweetener I keep one box of each of everything.
  • Sugar Packets
  • Sweet-N-Low
  • Equal
  • Splenda
  • Truvia
  • Sugar in the Raw
  • Agave Nectar
  1. I know it’s not eco friendly but I love monogramed paper guest towels in the main restroom that guests are more than likely going to use.
  2. Last but not least fresh flowers! I love fresh flowers! Anywhere I can add a splash of color I will.  This arrangement can be found at Cebolla Fine Flowers.   bittersweetdetail

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