Falling for Fall Tablescapes

Thanksgiving is my absolute FAVORITE holiday!!!

I love everything about it the fall clothes, the food, hanging out with friends and family, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, football.  I mean really what could possibly go wrong on this magical day?! (Really my favorite part is the leftovers … ssshhh!)

Most homes are setup so that the dining room is right there when you enter the home.  So your table or decor on your table is essentially your accessories or jewelry.  Times have changed and people are opting for a more relaxed environment or buffet styled meal compared to assigned seated formal sit down dinners.

While I can see the point to all three (buffet, modern and formal) I think it really depends more on what fits your lifestyle.


When hosting a large group buffet’s do tend to be a little bit easier or if you’re doing a come as you like luncheon.  In this case it’s not necessary to set your table.  However if you happen to have an island in your kitchen this would be a great place to have a show stopping centerpiece along with other fall decor items such as pumpkins, leaves, cornucopias, etc.  This is also a great place to keep the desserts!


When setting the table for a buffet make sure to have beautiful serving dishes for each item.  Here are some of my favorites:


Gracious Goods Baker Dishes


Gracious Good Covered Casserole Dish


Gracious Goods Flatware Caddy


Is modern more your style? Do you love a white table and let the colors of the food be the art?  If so here are a couple of styles that are sure to wow your guests.


This tablescape is my favorite for the modern concept.  I especially like how they’ve used the copper with the white and greenery.  I think a mixture of artichokes would also be lovely on the table.




So I am of the formal mind set.  My husband and I host a lot of dinner parties for work and we’re very big on assigned seats.  I find that it helps keep the conversation flowing.  It also gives you a chance to speak to guests that you might not otherwise get the chance to, but as a good host you know what your guests have in common and how to seat them.

And here’s a wonderful little cheat sheet if you need some guidance.

I hope this helps to get your creative juices flowing.

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