Kellys 10 Tips to a Jaw Dropping Christmas Tree

1. Pick a color scheme and theme for your tree.

2. Decide onColor or white lights. I prefer white I feel that it can make any tree no matter what size look completely elegant.

3. When selecting ornaments pick a base color. For example my tree is decorated in red, green, and gold. Red is my base color. I suggest purchasing your base color in 3 to 4 variations. For example, I use a shiny ornament, a frosted ornament and a glitter ornament. Put your base color on first.

4. Once you have your base Color up begin to hang the rest of your solid color ornaments making sure you don’t have similar ornaments next to one another.

5. Now that your salad ornaments are hanging up place any ornaments that have a pattern on your tree.

6. After that hang any beads or ribbons that you may be using.

7. This is a special stop for me and my husband. I normally decorate the tree and he helps me here. We hang all the ornaments we purchased on our trips I’ve been given over the years together.

8. Now is the time of use any tensile or ornaments similar to this … hang them now.

9. In this step I recommend putting your tree topper on.

10. If you have decided to use any sprigs, sprays, or feathers now is the time to use them.

Step back and relish how beautiful your tree is!

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