New Years Resolution


My husband and I decided to do this one together. No it’s not your typical resolution of going on a diet or exercising but it was to make more time for one another. (No we don’t have kids yet but that’s also a goal for us this year.) The two of us like everyone get so focused on work that we don’t always really pay attention to the other person. We’ve been together now for five years and when we decided to move-in together which was two years ago I said that we would always try to have dinner together. Of course stuff happens and we’re not always able to. I love to cook, let me clarify this I don’t bake, but yes I can cook! So dinner is ready every night at 7:00 pm. We have a beautiful kitchen with these lovely custom upholstered chairs and matching china yet somehow we always seem to find ourselves eating in the living room watching television and not talking. Another point to make is somehow we have tv’s in every room of our house except the dining room and restrooms. So really we could sit at our kitchen table.

So this year we decided to set a date night where no cell phones are allowed. Each week we alternate on planning the date. This past Wednesday it was my turn! We went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants and then walked down a couple of doors to the movies and saw Jumanji. We had such a wonderful time even when we got home we stayed up having a couple of glasses of wine and still talking without the tv on. I know that it’s something so small but those little moments when it’s just the two of you cutting up and making plans for the future go such a long way of growing together.

I read an article years ago talking about how most of us come from divorced homes but our parents didn’t. Most of our grandparents have been married for over fifty years so what was the difference? What the article pointed out was that our grandparents put one another first and our parents put the kids first. When I read this I immediately began to think about my own parents.  I never saw them do things together we always did things as a family and over time I saw them grow apart.

Every couple that I know that does have children says this is the most important time in your marriage to enjoy one another and we honestly do but as far a New Year’s resolutions go this is ours to have a date night together once a week without any distractions.

PS. Jumanji was hysterical and I completely recommend going to see it. Especially if you saw the original with Robin Williams.

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