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Last year my husband and I began renovating a house that my grandparents built in the early 90’s. It’s a single story Spanish style home on five acres. There’s a lot that we can do but nobody has live in the home since 2006, so there’s a lot that needs to be done!

When doing projects like this it’s very easy to become overwhelmed. I’ve tried explaining to my husband that we need to go room by room completing tasks but he has a different brain than I do and prefers to pick one task and do it throughout the entire house. So needless to say over a year later none of the bedrooms are complete.

When the house was built it had lovely terra-cotta tile throughout. It has since been covered up by a whiteish gray tile. I want the tile pulled up and the Spanish tile back. Unfortunately because of all the politics with Mexico the price of the tile has almost tripled so we’ll either wait for that to change or we’ll go with a porcelain wood tile.

I want the Spanish decor carried throughout the house but it’s also a weekend retreat for us so I want warm reds and oranges used as well as thicker textiles like velvet to give a warm and inviting feeling. I always tell my clients don’t jump into anything let’s look around, see what we find, don’t make a decision until something is screaming at you! Otherwise you end up buying something multiple times until you finally get that feeling.

My husband and I have changed our minds so many times about decor, color schemes, everything over the past year. While we’ve been painting the whole house, working on landscaping, replacing all of the hot water heaters, air conditioners, etc. we’ve also been figuring out what works for the house and what doesn’t. If you’re thinking about redoing your home I encourage you to do the same.

Below are inspirational pictures of where we intend to take the decor of the house.

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