No Touching

I just want to hold her and kiss her

Miss Kricket has arrived!

I went to my weekly appointment and happened to point out that one of my legs was incredibly swollen. I was sent for an ultrasound, told I had a blood clot and admitted to the hospital. With Coronavirus going on my husband wasn’t able to be with me in the hospital. I woke up the next morning in labor and was told I would be having a c-section in an hour.

Long story short Kricket was born a month early and we were in the NICU for 15 days. Let me tell you one of the worst feelings is having a baby and not getting to bring her home with you when you’re discharged. Our house was so depressing! We had all of this baby stuff setup and ready to go but no baby.

When I was being discharged from the hospital we went over 37 pages of instructions. The one thing they said was she’s cute and tiny people are going to want to touch her. Don’t let them!

I’m so ready for all of this to be over and Kricket can meet her family and her family can hold her. I pray that we get back to normal as soon as possible. I really want Kricket to have a close relationship with her grandparents and other family members.

If you’ve had a baby recently how have you introduced your little one to family members or are you waiting?

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