Guest Bedroom Decor

Over the years navy blue has become one of my favorite colors to decorate with.  It’s clean, classic and always looks chic.  So when my husband and I started talking about guest bedroom decor I immediately wanted to do white and navy blue.  Our house is very traditional so bringing in those elements without making the room feel cold is very important to me. Also, my husband likes to be involved in the project which makes things a little bit harder.  I can’t just say this is what we’re doing, trust me, it will look good!

When it comes to guestroom decor I want my houseguests to feel welcome.  So having a very plush bed and linens is important.  I’m always cold which is why I love having blankets draped everywhere! I try to do simple but high thread count bedding so that I don’t get tired of it and so it lasts, but I love putting fun textiles in the room.  That might be in the form of throw pillows, drapes or rugs.

What’s your favorite color to decorate with?

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