Weekly Review

Where should I even begin about last week? Yes it was that kind of week.

I swear every time David leaves critters come out of the woodwork. As David likes to say they don’t mess with him because he’s a lifetime member of the Safari club. Whatever the reason is it’s starting to piss me off.

Last year I had David pull up some railroad ties on the side of the house. They looked like they were rotting and I wanted it cleaned up. Big mistake, we think that part of the house has shifted and now there’s a crack in the foundation. Which is how we think critters are getting in.

Before we had the baby we were spraying the house every three months for bugs. I did my research and found this great spray on Amazon. Our biggest problem is scorpions … we‘re on 5 acres with hundreds of trees! We’ve been using the spray for about a year and it’s great but David said there’s a slight smell. It also draws the bugs out to kill them. So he hasn’t wanted us at the house when he sprays.

Wednesday night I get Kricket to bed, I’m catching up on Yellowstone and I decided to go ahead and get ready for bed in case I fall asleep on the sofa and as I’m walking through the sitting area in our kitchen what do I see? A freaking tarantula!

I know right?!

David and I had just talked about what to do if I saw one in the house. Now is the time to remember! He told me to throw something on top of it! As I frantically looked around what was heavy enough to crush this? That’s when I saw a really thick cookbook with a plastic protective sleeve. The tarantula spotted me, as I crossed his path, he started moving quicker! I was now to his right probably a yard away when I threw it on top of him. He didn’t scurry off so I know that I got him! However, all night long I was watching everything and I barely slept a wink. I even googled do tarantulas travel in pairs? Thank goodness they do not! That put my mind at ease a bit.

Then on Thursday I spotted the bananas that I told David to take back to Dallas with him. I still have diabetes and they make my blood sugar crazy high so I don’t eat them. I hate to throw produce away so I made banana muffins since I don’t have any loaf pans at this house. The whole time I was watching my feet for tarantulas!

The worst night of the week came on Saturday when I took Kricket out of the bath. Oh my word the screams that came out of her! The absolute worst!! I tried everything burping her, changing her diaper, holding her, changing her pajamas, giving her a bottle, checking her temperature. She’s been drooling a lot lately so after crying for an hour I thought maybe she’s teething and in pain, she felt a little warm to me but she didn’t have a temperature and she’s been gnawing on her hands like crazy and I mean putting her whole fist in her mouth. So I broke down and gave her some Tylenol. After what felt like an eternity she finally relaxed and was able to get some relief.

I’ve now ordered these little mitts. I can’t get her to take a teething ring. Has anyone bought something else that their baby loved ? I’m totally open to suggestions. If this is teething it’s horrible!

*** Update August 13, 2020 ***

We went to the doctor today and yes she is teething! You can even see her teeth on her gums. Ouch!

What’s in my Amazon shopping cart?

I’m horrible about putting items on lists and then never going to the lists so now I just put stuff in my cart. Does anyone else do this?

Blue and White Top – I’ve received this top since writing this post. I ordered an x-small and it runs a little big. So if you order it FYI 🙂

Pink Flower Earrings

White Apple watch Band

Nina Blender

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