GIBS Owlet Smart Sock Review

This is my review of the Owlet Smart Sock. Why we purchased it and what we / I think about it. Please feel free to contact me below with any questions. I know that being a new mom can be stressful. We’re all getting through this one day at a time.
Click here to view the Owlet Smart Sock on Buy Buy Baby’s website.
I arrive at 7 am for her first feeding and stay until 10 pm. I can’t kiss her or remove my mask. This was the worst feeling EVER! All you want to do is hold, kiss and snuggle with your baby but you can’t! She can’t see that she makes me smile … What a horrible time to have a baby!!
She’s had feeding tubes and oxygen removed but she’s still being monitored. She has to go five days without having an episode to be discharged.
Headed home as a family of three for the first time.

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10 thoughts on “GIBS Owlet Smart Sock Review

  1. I was looking at this recently, I’m 4.5 months pregnant with my first and due early January and am hoping this could help us transition baby to his/her own room early on. This might be a must have for me!


  2. Oops, I accidentally left the comment in the messages. Lol please ignore that. Such a beautiful baby! What a time to be living in Covid, aw man. Thank you for the review of the Owlet Smart Sock, it was very detailed and resourceful. It was also good to see an actual video visual instead of pictures. Thanks for sharing xxx


  3. I looked at this when my son was a newborn but decided against it because we co slept with him. But now looking back it still would have been helpful in case him having an issue while he was sleeping next to me.


  4. Thanks for the detailed review. I have always heard about it, but never really knew what it was. Might consider getting one for baby#2.


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