Bee Venom Face Mask

When I was pregnant my skin completely changed and a bunch of wrinkles just happened overnight.

So I started doing my research. My husband is completely against Botox. I on the other hand am not. However, before I go down that rabbit hole I decided to try and find a facial/product that I could be using which is when I stumbled upon an article about Camilla Parker Bowles and that she used to be a huge smoker. (Which explains the wrinkles.) She’s been getting Bee venom facials and she turned Kate Middleton onto them. This is the face cream that Kate Middleton uses.

So that’s when I began searching for a place that does Bee Venom facials. The one place that I found (Queen Bee Salon) is in Santa Monica, California.

I love traveling and I actually enjoy traveling alone. So I was looking forward to a me weekend after Miss Kricket arrived for a spa/me weekend.

Well now there’s no chance that I’m getting on a plane. I have however been able to find some bee venom products. This facemask has pretty much become my go to product. I get up and take a shower, I use an exfoliator on my face then after I dry off I use the bee venom face mask. It goes on like a lotion, I use a very small amount because you can feel the stinging. It’s not bad but it’s uncomfortable at first then I brush my eyebrows and I put some Chapstick on that’s it! This facemask gives my skin a healthy looking glow while tightening everything.

Before I dropped $115 on a face cream I decided to find a less expensive product on Amazon! Does it does it work? I’m not sure yet but it feels like it is!

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  1. Precisely what I was searching for, regards for posting.

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