Hospital Attire

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Barrington Gifts Diaper Bag This is my absolute favorite bag … EVER! It’s nylon so just wipe it clean. I actually gave this bag to my bridesmaids as the bridal party gift. There are so many interior pockets it’s great when traveling. I don’t have enough great things to say about this product!

Petite Plume Pink Pajamas


Travel Toothbrush – These are great they’re individually wrapped so throw them in your bag and don’t worry about what they’ve touched. My favorite part … Toss them when you’re packing to go home.

Travel Toothpaste I’m all about travel toiletries. Throw them away before you head home. I typically need a little bit more room in my bag at the end of a trip for the treasures that I’ve purchased. That really doesn’t apply to my hospital bag though!

Fresh Chapstick BEST chapstick EVER!

Nivea Skin Firming Gel I read so many reviews on different lotions to use on your tummy. I’m now obsessed with this lotion. I love how it goes on.

Dry Bar Shower Cap This is a great shower cap. It’s lined with terry cloth so my hair doesn’t frizz in the shower.

Neutrogena Face Wipes These are just great for any bag!

Zak Water Bottle I bought this when I was trying to get pregnant to make sure that I was drinking enough water. It really came in handy when I started breast feeding. Every time you finish a bottle you’re supposed to move up one of the rings!

Starbucks K-Cups I had a suite in the hospital and their was a Keurig in the room but because of Covid-19 they weren’t keeping things stocked up. I’ve never been so tired from breast feeding and coffee helps me go to the bathroom in the morning (TMI I know). I didn’t want them to try and give me medication to move stuff along so I stuck with coffee!

Mark and Graham Suitcase LOVE this suitcase. I purchased one very similar from Bric’s for my husband and I’ve never been so disappointed by the horrible quality especially for the cost. Them I found this one from Mark and Grahm and I love it!

Pink slippers

Loreal Collagen Lotion My skin was so dry after my c-section this lotion’s the best!!

No Crease Hair Ties I’m obsessed with these and yes, they really do work and don’t leave a crease!


Extension Cord This is a must!

Fresh Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash Bring your own products. What they give you in the hospital is crap and you’re going to want to feel like yourself again. Bring your own products.

Petite Plume Robe

Atkins Meal Bar I have Celiac Disease and was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes while I was pregnant so I brought my own snacks and I’m so thankful that I did. I normally don’t eat this kind of stuff but I needed snacks already made and these really hit the spot. The bar that I have linked is my favorite flavor!

Quest Meal Bar This is another one of my favorites

Throw Blanket My body temperature was all over the place. I’m so thankful that I brought a blanket!

Compression Socks This is something that I didn’t pack and I wish that I had! My feet were freezing and the ones that they have me were HUGE!

Pens BRING PENS! You fill out / sign a ton of paperwork and you’ll need them!

Did you pack something that you were so thankful for and couldn’t live without? If so what was it?

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8 responses to “Hospital Attire”

  1. Great products! Slippers was one big one I forgot last time.

    1. I have shared this for all my young mom friends! Great suggestions!

  2. I love the diaper bag. I want to order one for my girl friend who’s having her first baby. I’ll also share this post with her!

    1. Taylor I don’t have enough GREAT things to say about this bag! It’s AMAZING!! I saw it on instagram, saw that it was a local company (which I LOVE) so I ordered one for myself, loved it so much I gave one to each of my bridesmaids, still loving it I gave one to my sister-in-law, I’m still loving it I ordered the diaper bag which is the same as the one I have (st. anne tote) but the diaper bag has way more interior pockets and a zipper, I’m still loving it I’ve started ordering the duffel bags. It’s a great product for the price. It’s VERY well made! Great gift!!

  3. I’ve heard great things about the Barrington bags! Seems like it fits a lot. 🙂

  4. Wow, thanks for these recommendations. Slippers and the diaper bag are totally new

  5. This is a great post!! Definitely things on this list that I wouldn’t have thought of. I will save this for future reference. 😉

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