Date Night … Covid Style

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Several years ago David and I decided to set one night a week aside for date night. It was supposed to be a guaranteed night of just the two of us. Our date night is on Wednesday. Before I was pregnant I really looked forward to date night but I also love getting all dolled up!

So now with Covid and being in isolation I’m normally by myself on Wednesday and guess what I live in fleece pants! I LOVE fleece, probably because I’m ALWAYS cold!  David and I do have an unspoken rule that the two of us do you get dressed for dinner. We typically put Kricket to bed, grill, have a couple cocktails and play three rounds of Rummikub. I know it’s so exciting but right now our household is considered high-risk and we’re not taking any chances.

AnyWho back to my Wednesday attire. Fleece pants, T-shirt, and some type of sweater.

I’m really excited about all these finds because everything comes in an extra small! I have a very narrow frame and even in fleece I want to look polished (not frumpy) and all of these work for me plus everything is under $30! And I LOVE Amazon.  They make life so easy.  

So throw on some fleece grab a glass of wine and turn on a movie or whatever makes you feel good and cozy.

P.S. If you’re not familiar with Rummikub watch this video. We found out about it through friends a few years ago and now we’re obsessed. It can be as short or long as you want it to be.

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