September 2020 Q & A: About Me (Kelly Dees)

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  1. Who is Suzanne?

Suzanne is my mother-in-law. She started Gardens and Interiors by Suzanne in the 70’s. When she passed away I took over her interior design firm.

2. Where did you grow up?

Right outside of Dallas, Texas in a town called Keller.

3. Where did you go to college?

Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.

4. Did you enjoy living in San Francisco?

Not at the time but now that I’m older and looking back on it I’m so thankful that I was able to experience San Francisco at that time of my life.

5. Why did you move to NYC?

A job

6. Did you enjoy living in NYC?

I loved Manhattan, I never thought I’d leave.

7. What brought you back to Texas?

Another job!

8. How did you meet your husband?

We were both on the board for a charity in Dallas and we sat next to each other at a meeting.

9. Where did you get married?

Niagara Falls (The Canadian side)

10. Do you have any kids?

We just had our first child in April. Her name is Kricket.

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