Lumineux Teeth Whitening

Let’s get everything out on the table. I’d seen these whitening strips all over social media and wanted to know if they were really as good as they appeared to be and guess what they are! Honestly, at first I wasn’t sure . . . You have to do one a day for four days to get the initial clean and then you do one strip a week for maintenance. I didn’t REALLY start noticing a difference until the third day. The kit I received from Lumineux included a toothbrush, toothpaste, whitening strips and mouthwash. The mouthwash had a bitter aftertaste but three days into using it the taste didn’t bother me! Also, I really like how clean my teeth feel after using these products. They still feel glossy hours later which I love!

Before Using Lumineaux … Kricket would also like to show you her lovely gams 🤦🏻‍♀️
After 1st Strip
After 2nd Strip
After 3rd Strip

I’m now in the maintenance phase and I LOVE this product. I can still drink red wine and coffee! It doesn’t hurt my gums or make my teeth sensitive. Let me tell you one more time I CAN still drink coffee and red wine!!! Other whitening products I’ve used have said not to drink anything dark for 48 hours! Not these!

Lumineux has given me a special 15% off code to share with my readers. It’s Suzanne15. Go to Lumineux’s website here. I believe it’s more cost effective to buy the kit than to purchase individually.

Have you tried Lumineux whitening strips? What did you think?

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