Lulumon Fast and Free Dupe


You heard me right I said Lulumon Dupe!

If you’re a woman that’s alive you’ve heard of Lulumon. They truly have some of the best leggings around. The Fast and Free is one of my personal favorites. I love the quality of the thick fabric and lets not forget the pockets. Plus they just hold you in where it matters the most! So when I was watching the Today show and they started talking about the best leggings on Amazon I was skeptical. The ones on Amazon are selling for $22.98 (I kid you not!) and they’ve been reviewed over 25,000 times. So you’re probably wondering how do these $23 leggings on Amazon compare to my absolute favorite $128 Lulumon leggings? I mean they’re pretty much identical! They don’t have the same tummy or thigh control but it’s pretty freaking close! The stitching on the sides are very similar to Lulumon and yes they come with pockets :).

I’m 4’11” so I don’t have glamazon legs by any means. I wear a 0 in Lulumon and they fit perfectly, not too long. I ordered an XS in the Amazon leggings and they’re quite a bit longer than Lulumon but not in a bad way. What I do like about the Amazon leggings over Lulumon is how thick they are. As most of you know we’ve been living at our lake house since the pandemic hit. We’re only two hours away from Dallas but the weather is so much different here. Our house is on top of a hill and it’s pretty windy regularly. The wind doesn’t come through these leggings like it does in my Lulumon leggings. So I LOVE that! Also, there’s such a huge variety of colors compared to Lulu.

My all time favorite fall outfits are oversized sweaters or sweater dresses, leggings and boots. The only thing I don’t like is that I normally don’t have anywhere to put my phone which is why these leggings have made a permanent home in my fall wardrobe. Have you tried these leggings out yet? What’s your favorite fall ensemble?

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