Does your home have a signature scent?

Funny story …. I actually had a completely different post planned for today. I’ve been watching Netflix’s new show Emily In Paris. If you haven’t watched it you should! It’s the cutest! They’re working on a signature scent for a hotel and that’s what got me thinking.

Should homes have a signature scent? Well I don’t know if they should but the more I started thinking I realized that my home DOES have one! LOL It’s Nest fragrance Lemongrass. It’s been our scent since 2016. A friend gave me a candle as a hostess gift in that scent and I fell in love with it. We’ve been using it ever since. It’s light and airy. Good for men and women and it doesn’t overwhelm you when you walk in a room. I use the candles in our living room and throughout the house. I put the reed diffusers in bathrooms. I love walking into a room that has candles lit. It automatically makes the room feel more inviting to me. Do you agree?

Does your home have a signature scent?

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4 responses to “Does your home have a signature scent?”

  1. My go to scent is probably lemongrass if it is an essential oil. But candle it is usually something fall-like cinnamon roll, pumpkin or apple something.

  2. My home’s signature scent is definitely Mexican food. 😂😂

  3. Yes, it does and I always love the scents of Lavender in our home because it gives me a relaxing feeling but I am going to try this product to have new scents at home.

  4. Never heard of this company but I always have a candle on in my house. Love collecting candles.

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