I’m in desperate need of a haircut

This picture was taken months ago! It’s so much longer and this is curled …

Like everyone on the planet I need a haircut. My last haircut was a week before halloween last year and my hair is so long it’s driving me mad! David asked me not to color my hair while I was pregnant because of the chemicals, so we had an agreement that I’d get a haircut in October, then i’d get my hair fully done before the baby was due. He understood that I wanted to look my best in pictures. Never could we have imagined that not only would little miss decide to come so early but that we’d be hit with a global pandemic and the world would shut down. So needless to say I did NOT get my hair done in April.

Fast forward to last week, two martinis in and I’m feeling confident that this is something that I can do. That’s when I decided to find a tutorial on YouTube. If you’re not familiar with YouTube’s instructional videos you need to check it out. You can figure anything out on there! I couldn’t figure out how to get the safety bar off of our stroller. Yep, Bugaboo has a video. I couldn’t figure out how to get the blender off of the stand. Yep, Ninja has a video (this one was much more tricky than it needed to be!). You get the point. Anyhow I’ve decided to trim my hair this weekend. I ordered scissors from Amazon and they got here yesterday. I’m ONLY going to trim my hair. It’s so long right now that my thought is if I really screw it up I can curl it and you won’t notice.

Am I the only one in this boat? Have you broken down and cut your hair yet?

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