Taking a break from the election

David and I have been glued to the tv since Tuesday … yes it’s Thursday! We landed on the BBC’s coverage on Tuesday and by Wednesday we’d made our way to C-SPAN. Oh my goodness the calls that they were getting regarding the election were too funny! The Biden supporters were calling in and crying. The Trump supporters sounded like they’d been awake all night drinking and were upside down drunk! It was some good entertainment while I drank my morning coffee! Last night David even looked at me and said no matter who wins or looses I’m still going to get up, get dressed and go about my day. I looked at him and said that’s because you’re an adult.

Yesterday, when little miss was taking her nap we decided to go for a walk around the property. Don’t worry we had the baby monitor with us and she had her owlet smart sock on. Trust me safety is numero uno in our house. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you know that David is BEYOND cautious! Anyhow, the leaves are starting to tun and it was just a beautiful day out. It was so nice to get outside and kind of clear our heads from everything that ‘s been going on and frankly being shoved down our throats from this election. I’ve basically kept the tv on Netflix or Disney so that I don’t have to hear anymore ads.

Have you had the same feeling? Step away and clear your head from everything?

I’m wearing my favorite fall sweater from Amazon. Yes, it’s the same one from my favorite fall staples post. (I really do love an oversized sweater especially if you can make it look polished.) I’m wearing old Miu Miu boots but I found a great dupe on Amazon. My jeans and Current/Elliot and this style it the stiletto. Current/Elliot is on of my absolute favorite brand of jeans. The colors that they use in their denim is beautiful and subtle in my opinion. My hoops are Henri Bendel but they’re closed. I’ve found these which are very similar. I’m wearing a custom tennis bracelet and Rolex but if you’d like more information I’d be happy to share. Feel free to send me an email or a DM on social media.

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