Chop Off 2020

Since we can’t go anywhere per our pediatrician’s recommendation. (I asked if we could do outdoor activities and he said no.) So like everyone we’ve been trying to get creative with our days. We’ve been trying to take Kricket down to the lake for thirty minutes to an hour. it gets everyone out of the house and we’re not around anyone.

This is also how David and I came up with chop off 2020. We haven’t been able to agree on who has the best way to cook pork chops. David feels that the grill is the best and I believe that the air fryer is the best. The package had five chops. David got two and I got one large and two smaller ones.

We fixed our chops and each of us got one. Truthfully they’re both so different and so good that we couldn’t choose a winner! SERIOUSLY!

David’s Seasoning: olive oil, cumin, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Season evenly
This is the recipe that I use for pork chops. I keep the seasoning already mixed and in a container with our herbs/seasonings. I can’t eat sugar and this recipe calls for brown sugar so I use a brown sugar replacement that’s 0 calories and 0 carbs. You can’t tell the difference. This is the brown sugar that I use.
Both of us used olive oil but we LOVE avocado oil and both of us wish that we’d used avocado oil instead. This is the Avocado Oil that I love. It make all meat crisp up perfectly and makes everything taste like it’s been drowned in butter! So juicy.
If you follow me on instagram stories you saw all of the fun and if you’re not following me on instagram you should be! LOL My stories is where it’s at!

I’m obsessed with our air fryer. I use it for at least one meal every day sometimes two meals! Here are a few kitchen items that I love to use with my air fryer. The air fryer liners are the best at helping clean the drip tray!

Basic silicone tongs. The silicone ones don’t mess up the skin like the metal ones.
Kitchen Dish Towel. These are great to grab the tray with when flipping the meat.
Pyrex glass storage with lids. After I brine the chicken I put it in these containers and back in the fridge until I’m ready to start dinner. I LOVE the lids!

Make sure you’re following my Healthy Air Fryer Pinterest board for more recipes.

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