Kricket’s Owl Dress

Have you ever heard of Mud Pie? I thought they only made home decor items I had no clue that they also made kids clothing and let me tell you they have some of the cutest clothes around! When Kricket was born my sister in law brought over these Land’s End bags that were monogrammed and full of Mud Pie outfits. I’ll do a post next week on the Land’s End bags. They have quickly become our FAVORITE because of all of the pockets!!

I originally found this owl dress and bought it for Thanksgiving. It does not come with the turtleneck but I found this one on Amazon and bought it. It’s actually a cream so it matches the owl’s eyes perfectly! David and I talked and talked about Halloween but we weren’t going anywhere so I didn’t want to use one of our costume ideas. We had some really cute ones! I’d rather use them next year when we can be around people. For those of you that are new to the blog Kricket was born six weeks early which landed us in the NICU for fifteen days. She was 5 lbs 3 oz and like all babies do she lost weight in the hospital and dropped down to 4 lbs. Our pediatrician has strongly encouraged us to stay home until she’s a year old. By that time we will have had all of her vaccinations and her body will be better at fighting anything off. Plus she can’t wear a mask and so he keeps asking me why I’d risk it? I told him I wanted to take her to the arboretum or the zoo. Something outdoors. He quickly shut that down! So it’s been seven months and my rear end has been parked at our lake house. We came out here shortly after she was born. There haven’t been the case here like in Dallas.

Anywho, I did NOT buy her a Halloween costume and here comes October 31st and everyone’s posting pictures of their little one. Guess what … I felt like the worst mom ever. So little miss got to wear her owl dress early!

I guess that feeling is what’s referred to as mom guilt?

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