Christmas Dresses for Kricket

A couple of month’s ago I started having a problem with little miss . . . She won’t wear pants! When I say pants I mean like jeans, leggings, pants not one piece outfits like she has on in this picture. She would just scream until I took them off. If they were loose enough she’d try to pull them all the way up to her diaper. She wants her legs free! LOL All summer I had her in shorts and dresses. She LOVED the dresses. So I decided to find fall dresses. The problem was the ones I liked were either crazy expensive or they just looked to old for a six month old. I wanted some simple corduroy dresses that I could mix and match with bodysuits. Kricket is growing like a weed so I felt like I might get more use out of outfits like what I’m describing. I found these great thick tights on Amazon (they’re really soft) and they come in all colors. I also found these knee high socks for when it’s not cold enough outside for thick tights. I ordered one dress and we tried it out. She LOVED it!

Now that I’ve found something she’d actually wear and not scream at me I ordered more. This is her Christmas Eve and Christmas dresses. I got them from Sweet and Stitched on Etsy and they are the absolute cutest. I also ordered these white turtlenecks to go under the dresses. Her hair bow hasn’t arrived yet. David can’t stand the headbands so we may just go back to the more simple ones that I put her in. I have a package of these at both of our houses. I found a package of 40 on Amazon for $12. They’re not too tight on her head and it’s every color in the rainbow. These are the navy blue velvet shoes that with go with the green checkered dress. These are the red sparkly shoes that go with the candy cane dress. I really don’t know if I’m going to be able to wait until Christmas Eve to put her in them.

Have you started planning your family’s Christmas outfits?

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