My COVID-19 Test Results

What a long day! We arrived at my doctors office at 12:40 pm and didn’t leave until after 5:00 pm. 🤦🏻‍♀️ ( I’m typing this blog post on my phone and YES I’m going to use emojis!)

It was setup just like the grocery store. Park in a designated parking spot, call the phone number and let them know which spot you’re in. About twenty minutes later I received a call from my doctor’s nurse to go over my symptoms. Based on that they decided to order three tests. Covid, strep and the flu. She said all of it was going around so while I’m there let’s be certain, which is why I LOVE my doctor. He’s always like while you’re here let’s just run a full panel. I have to drive 1.5 hours to get to his office so it’s very much appreciated.

When the nurse came out to do the test she and I were talking and she asked me if I’d come in contact with anyone and I said no but we went to my grandfather’s funeral last Tuesday and people were coughing. I started feeling bad on Friday. She was shocked because she had four people before me that had also been to funerals and were positive. I know people are like they’re super spreaders (indoor gatherings) we had masks on, we socially distanced. The funeral was only for immediate family. They did a live stream of the funeral online for everyone else and later on I even found out from one of my cousins that the Texoma News covered the funeral and it was on TV. What was I going to do NOT show up? I wanted to go to the funeral for closure. I haven’t been able to be around my family or anyone since January. I wanted to be there to support my father who was giving the eulogy. I wanted to be there for my grandma who I love dearly and to just tell her that I love her in person not over the phone. It was NEVER an option to me to not attend. So when I thought I was sick I was like ok we’ll deal with this as it comes.

I think my mom was mad at me. When I told her I was getting tested she said so it sounds like you’re not going to be able to do Christmas with us? Really? Not I hope you feel better? Any who ….

My other thought was do you really want me around? The health department says you need to quarantine for ten days. They count the ten days from when you started showing symptoms. My doctors office counts the quarantine time from when you test positive. So that’s your call …

All of my test results came back negative. YAY! 🍾🎉🥳 when I was talking to the nurse she said it’s probably allergies. The pollen and cedar are high right now and the weather keeps shifting from 70 degrees to 28 degrees (which is when I always get sick). We were kind of laughing because she was saying before nobody would think twice about their symptoms but now everyone is hurrying to the doctor because they’re worried about getting other people sick.

I was really surprised how the Covid test burned. Have you had a Covid test yet?

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