The Christmas Star

Did you go see the Christmas Star last night?

We went down to the lake last night around 6:00 pm. I made Kricket a bottle, I had her jacket, her hat, a couple of blankets and I looked at David and asked him to please set up her stroller so that the seat is facing out? I’m going to give her a bottle and that way she can look out. I can’t tell you how many times I mentioned the stroller in the house. Plus, the stroller was already in my trunk. I hadn’t taken it out from when we went to the doctor last week. No joke he looks at me and says I took the stroller out. SERIOUSLY! (shaking my head) He told me he thought I was going to hold her. Yes, we went back (it wasn’t far) to the house to get the stroller. LOL!!

Yesterday I heard that you can’t say Ladies and Gentlemen anymore, you’re supposed to say humans. I’m not doing that so I’m going VERY southern and going to start saying something I NEVER thought I’d say … Y’all. Y’all I’m not going to tell you what I wished for last night on the Christmas Star because then it won’t come true but I will tell you what I bought myself for Christmas. As all of you know changing your skincare or makeup can be expensive. So this has really been the last thing on my list / mind. A few months ago a wonderful esthetician gave me a complete skincare routine for my maturing skin. So for my Christmas present to myself I bought all of the skincare products that she suggested! Everything has started arriving and I’m so excited to get started on this journey. I’m getting more fine lines on my forehead and my expression lines are starting to look like the Grand Canyon. Especially in the afternoon with my makeup … YUCK!

My goal is to shrink and fill some of these lines without injections and hopefully by the spring I will have minimized and lightened so much of what’s going on with my face that if I’m able to get a facial (I’ve already done my research and know exactly what I’m having done and where I’m going) my skin will be back to somewhat normalcy.

Do you get routine facials? If so what do you have done?

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