You Don’t Have To Spend A Fortune On A Wedding Dress

I LOVE my wedding dress and guess what I spent under $1,000.00! Let me blow your brain some more. I had a custom wedding dress made, specifically made for my body. Normally a dress like this would be more than $10,000.00! I found my dress on Pinterest and fell in love. David and I knew that we wanted to get married on New Years Eve which is our anniversary. After looking at several different venues we settled on Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. I knew that I wanted long sleeves and that’s when the picture from Pinterest entered my mind. There are 2-3 designers in Dallas that make custom dresses and frankly I think they’re incredibly overpriced especially when I’m not asking them to come up with the design.

Somehow (I can’t remember) I found Mary on Etsy. She sent me a few pages with figures on it and I took them to my tailor. She measured me and I sent those pages back to Mary. The dress fit perfectly I was so incredibly happy! I don’t think that she believed me on how thin my arms are because the sleeves weren’t as fitted as I wanted so I did have to take the dress to have that fixed but overall I’d say that’s not bad! I wore my dress for maybe 45 minutes. So to spend a fortune on a dress I’m really thankful I didn’t do it. Now I do think My reception dress was a little expensive but the fabric felt like butter! I was so comfortable in this dress and I was in it for HOURS and into the next morning! So I’m happy with the way that I bought my dresses. If I can give you any advice on wedding gowns I would say save on the dress ( buy one that you LOVE but value engineer it like I did) spend the money on your reception dress.

Lankka Bridal made my reception dress.

I’ve gone back and looked it up. I spent $664 on my gown and $60 on my veil. Mary made my veil out of the same lace as my dress and my reception dress was $749.

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