When We Can Travel Again

I don’t know when we’re going to be able to travel again or really what that’s going to look like, but I think everyone will agree with me that we need to start planning stuff to give us something to look forward to. To this day David and I always talk about the customer service that we received when we went to The Prince of Wales Hotel at Niagara on the Lake. We’ve stayed at some pretty nice hotels and nothing compares to this.

When I booked the hotel David thought we’d be so bored and wouldn’t want to stay for the week. There was so much to do but it was also beautiful to walk around and pop into the little shops. Since it’s on the water it’s so serene. Before we went I made dinner reservations for our entire stay. David isn’t the best about thinking ahead to stuff like that and honestly I’m glad that we did because we wouldn’t have gotten into one restaurant. We didn’t rent a car (you don’t need to) The Prince of Wales Hotel is part of Vintage Hotels. When I was doing my research all of the restaurants that I wanted to go to were in Vintage Hotels. So if you’re staying in one of their hotels they have a driver that will take you to their other properties. The only time we had to get a taxi was too and from the hotel.

Someone told us that the town is a HUGE tourist destination in the summer but that the prices are also triple what they are when we were there. I LOVED being there in the winter but YES it was cold! Lots of layering!! I don’t remember which suite we were in but we had a balcony and a fireplace it was perfect!

We had sooooo much luggage from our wedding and I felt so bad for the bell hop. We were in part of the original hotel so no elevators! He had to carry ALL of our luggage up the stairs. He was such a sport. When we tried tipping him he refused. Like I’m saying AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! At the end of our stay David left the front desk with a couple of bottles of I think whisky and a couple of bottles of champagne to thank them for making our trip such a magical stay.

If you do decide to go to the Prince of Wales make sure that you go to high tea. It was so fun!

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