Salmon Croquettes and Still No Mommy

I made Kricket Salmon Croquettes for dinner last night along with mixed vegetables and a gluten free mug biscuit. They were delicious! I used the recipe found in March’s cookbook on page 186. I

’ve been buying the big bag of frozen vegetables at Sam’s Club. There are smaller bags inside so everything stays really fresh. I find that cooking the frozen vegetables in chicken bullion really gives them a hearty flavor. Almost like chicken pot pie filling. I don’t even like corn and I could gobble it up! Boil one package of frozen vegetables with one cup of water and one bullion cube.

The Salmon Croquettes were so flavorful you didn’t need a dipping sauce. With that being said I try to expose Kricket to as many different flavors as possible. So I did put cocktail sauce on two bites. She liked it both ways.

Long story short after her lovely healthy dinner she still won’t call me Momma. She looked at me and cooed Da-da and then started laughing and clapping! I swear she’s doing this on purpose because when she cries I can hear Momma in there.

If you’re looking for an easy make ahead fish meal for your kiddos this is a great dish! I made the croquettes earlier in the day. Individually wrapped them in tin foil. Threw them in the freezer and when it was time for dinner I threw them in the air fryer on 400 for 5 minutes then flipped and cooked for another 5 minutes! They were nice and crispy not soggy at all. Woo Hoo!

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