Fish Sticks For The Win

As you know I’ve been trying to incorporate more fish into Kricket’s diet. As David said a couple of months ago this is our time to get really dialed in with our staple recipes. David has certainly done that with pork chops and chicken. I’m not a big “fish” person but I do like shellfish. So this has been a challenge for me. Plus, I get very intimidated by cooking fish. I’m happy to say that the fish sticks out of this month’s book club book (they’re on page 172) are low carb even though they’re fried and they’re gluten free!

David and I have an agreement that we really don’t want to introduce Kricket to fried foods, pasta, really complex carbs in general. We’ve seen so many kids that get so stuck on mac and cheese or grilled cheese and we just don’t want to start that! These fish sticks are breaded with pork rinds and Parmesan cheese. There weren’t any spices used in the coating so I was shocked at how flavorful they were.

I also made the Hushpuppies on page 98 and they were heavenly!

Don’t let these recipes intimidate you like I did. They were so easy! The only thing I really had to do was chop up one slice of an onion. Like I told you … SO EASY!

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