Our First Lunch Date

If you saw my Instagram stories yesterday then you know that Kricket and I went to IKEA yesterday for white plates for her birthday dinner on Saturday. I know I said that I was going to get the white plates that were $0.79 but after seeing them in person I got the IKEA 365 plates. $22 later I’m happy! These plates are great basic plates and are going to look so good with the pink chargers that I got.

Kricket did great on this outing. I really didn’t know what to expect. I told David that we were going and I couldn’t imagine the store being crowded on a Tuesday at 2 pm. It wasn’t and nobody was ever near us. After we got our plates I decided to pick up lunch for the two of us but I wanted something easy to get on and off the tollway. I was planning on going by Lazy Dog in Addison and grabbing a salad (they have great salads!). I noticed Kricket was sleeping so I wanted to drive a little bit further before waking her up. I decided to go to my FAVORITE glut free restaurant True Food Kitchen in Preston Center here in Dallas. We pulled up and I started to call in my order of spaghetti squash. The one that the make is delicious. It has onions, zucchini, and this amazing cheese. If you can’t eat pasta but are craving it this is the best option! This was around 2pm yesterday so lunch was pretty much over. There were only two occupied tables with on the patio so I decided to go in and have lunch on the patio. I was so impressed with their attention to detail. They have QR code’s on the table to scan and the menu comes up on your phone. So no germs there. Once tables have been cleaned and sanitized they put this coaster down letting you know this is a clean table. All around I was just very impressed by how comfortable they made me feel. Especially since this was our first time out.

As you guys know Kricket doesn’t mess around with her food. When she saw the other two tables eating there was our problem. She immediately started licking her lips. I knew I needed food ASAP! I ordered her the Brussel Sprouts and she did great. I had her water cup in our diaper bag. I had disinfectant wipes in our diaper bag. The only thing I didn’t have were travel utensils. I need to keep some in her bag. We have the bugaboo Fox stroller and I was able to put it in the most upright position so she didn’t need a high chair.

I love Sauvignon Blanc when I sit on a patio during lunch. So I ordered a glass of the Blalock + Moore from New Zealand and the little bit of it that I did get to drink was so refreshing! I highly recommend it. Dallas is getting more gluten free restaurant options but this has been one of my favorites for years. If you’re on Northwest Highway and looking for a lunch or dinner spot I highly recommend it.

I ended up getting most of our food to go but we had a pretty great first restaurant experience.

Spaghetti Squash and Brussel Sprouts

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