Tres Leche Cake with Canoli Frosting

Recipe Is Here

When I asked David what kind of birthday cake he wanted he proclaimed that he wanted a Tres Leche cake. I wasn’t surprised he loves this cake. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to find a sugar free, gluten free and low carb. Guess what I did! This cake is also nut free. It’s made with coconut flour. I used Lilly’s simisweet chocolate chips not the dark chocolate and I thought it was absolutely delicious. All of the other guests who don’t have dietary restrictions also loved it and couldn’t believe it was sugar free. I’m telling you once you find the right sugar free sweetener it’s a game changer.

I really like Swerve which is ethyritol. I used monkfruit in Kricket’s Strawberry Shortcake and holy moly it was sweet! I feel like swerve gives a very similar taste to sugar. Also, make sure that you’re eating the right serving size if you are then you shouldn’t taste the swerve aftertaste. When I made that cheesecake for my birthday I ate a piece way too big and could definitely taste the swerve. David said the same thing. He had a big piece then a serving size slice and he said he didn’t have the after taste with the smaller piece.

One last thing. I did NOT put Brandy in this cake since he doesn’t go in the oven after you add it. As you probably know most cakes that have alcohol go in the oven after it’s added and the alcohol bakes out. This is a sponge cake that’s meant to absorb all of the liquids. Since I knew my nephew would probably be eating this and I was planning on giving Kricket a slice I opted to leave the alcohol out.

If you decide to make this cake please tag me on Instagram I’d love to see how your version turns out.

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