Little Miss Has Eczema

I noticed a couple of red spots on the back of Kricket’s legs after we tried to eat gluten again. I don’t know if you remember but several months ago I gave Kricket gluten and she had an allergic reaction. I told our pediatrician about it and he said to hold off on giving her anymore until she was a year old.

If you read my post the other day I bought a cauliflower mac and cheese at Sam’s (I didn’t read the label) it had panko bread crumbs in it 🤦🏻‍♀️. Why go to all of the trouble to make a cauliflower dish that’s not gluten free? I don’t get it! Anyhow, she’s a year old now so I used this casserole as the dish to try out on her. She broke out in a rash on her cheeks and belly. A few days later I noticed her arms weren’t as soft. I just thought she had some dry spots and needed some lotion.

We hired a night nurse when Kricket was born to sleep train her. She had us use a specific soap and said not to use lotion. So I haven’t and Kricket has had the softest skin … until now. When I was at the pediatrician on Tuesday he told me that the gluten probably caused the eczema flair up. When people with celiac or those with a gluten allergy ingest wheat, rye or barley (foods containing gluten) their body literally attacks itself for the inside out. This is probably what caused Kricket’s eczema flair up.

I asked what I needed to do for her eczema. He told me I needed to use Aveeno Baby Eczema products as well as a cold mist humidifier.

Body Wash
I’m only using this as a shampoo not a body wash!
Moisturizing Lotion. I put this on her in the morning before she gets dressed and after her bath in the evening.

I’ve only been using these products for a few days but her eczema is already looking so much better!

This is what I use to scrub her head. She LOVES it!
I got these Burt’s Bees washcloths to wash her face.
This is the Aveeno sunscreen that I got for Kricket’s face.

Did your little one have issues with Eczema?

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