May’s Bookclub Pick

This month’s bookclub pick is Keto Instant Pot by Maria Emmerich. As you know I just got an instant pot for my birthday and I really didn’t know everything that it could do. WOW, I’m shocked! So I’m so excited for this month’s bookclub pick!

I’ve been reading through this book for the past couple of weeks working on meal plans. As you know each day on the meal plan I try to make it under 15 net carbs. That was one thing I found a little bit more challenging with this book, the dishes have more carbs than our previous cookbooks. Since I am diabetic I do count carbs pretty religiously! So I’ve altered my daily intake to allow for the carbs at dinner. This month you can expect to see bone broth for lunch. There’s supposed to be so many healing benefits to adding this to your daily routine so we shall see. The bone broth from April’s cookbook was pretty tasty but it took 15 hours to make. The one this month takes 30 minutes …. so you get the picture!

I’ve also been trying to add more good fats into my diet for energy. I didn’t feel like I was consuming enough last month so I started drinking English Tea in the afternoon instead of coffee and I’ve been adding two Tablespoons of heavy cream along with liquid stevia. I’ve really noticed a difference plus the cream makes the tea more filling and I’ve been taking it like an afternoon snack.

As for the meal plans I’m keeping all weeknight dinners as simple as possible. My mom worked full time and I remember the last thing she wanted to do was come home and cook a huge meal. The recipes that are more time intensive I’ve saved for Saturday and Sunday.

Please tag me on Instagram in your photos! I love to see your presentation it’s always so creative!

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