Sometimes You Just Need Pizza

Kricket’s Cheese Pizza with creamed spinach a corn

Are you even a “REAL” mom if you don’t keep a stash of frozen pizzas in your freezer?!

Our eating life completely changed when I had to go low carb/gluten free. Let me tell you the options aren’t that great that fit into both of those categories. I LOVE David … When I was pregnant he went to the store and bought EVERY type of gluten free pizza that Target had! The problem is some of the gluten free pizzas use starchy fillers which make them pretty high in carbs, so be mindful of that. Just because something says it’s gluten free doesn’t meal that it’s healthy. Here are the one’s that I’ve tried. These are NOT low carb but they are gluten free and DELICIOUS!

Quest also makes a gluten free / low carb frozen pizza but if you saw my instagram stories a couple of months ago I ate the Quest Taco chips and had a massive gluten attack. Quest products say that they are gluten free but if you read the bold print under the allergen section they say that they are produced in a facility that also uses wheat. As my Celiac friends know cross contamination is a HUGE no, no! When I have a gluten attack it not only affects my stomach and joints and, and, and but it affects my skin. I get a horrible breakout around my mouth and chin which turns to scabs and burns. It’s so painful and lasts for weeks. Gluten attacks are a real thing, I thought they were make believe for the longest time, then when I was diagnosed with celiac and quit eating gluten I couldn’t believe how AMAZING I felt. So many internal pains were gone. When someone tells you that they can’t eat gluten take their word for it!

Yesterday I was at a restaurant and they brought me guacamole. There was a flour tortilla that had been fried and put in the guacamole as a garnish, it was very colorful and pretty. However, I politely asked if the chip was flour or corn. He told me flour and I was actually talking to the owner of the restaurant (I couldn’t believe she said this) just take it out of the guacamole. Here’s the thing if you have Celiac even the smallest crumb can set you off. If I ever don’t feel comfortable about something because of exactly what happened yesterday I won’t eat it. I’m in too much pain for typically 3 weeks and it’s just not worth it. Now that Kricket has some form of a wheat allergy (they won’t test her until she’s three) I really don’t want to risk it. Her reaction to gluten is very different that mine. She has an eczema flair up which happens to show up all over her face! It’s been a little over a month since she had gluten and I still haven’t gotten all of the eczema off of her face and arms. Her legs have cleared up though so woo hoo!

The best low carb pizza that I’ve had is actually one that I’ve made. The March Bookclub Pick had a BBQ Pork Pizza recipe. I didn’t make the pork but I did use the dough recipe and I loved it!

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with Celiac or a gluten allergy I know that eating out can be difficult especially with cross contamination. Instead of going out with friends consider having a dinner party. You can control the preparation of food and the menu. Friends will always try to bring something or make an appetizer. Politely tell them that you have the food under control but feel free to bring their favorite bottle of wine.

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