Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Spicy Aoili Dipping Sauce (6 net carbs)

I NEVER thought I’d say I like Bussels Sprouts but here we are! LOL

Kate Spade Larabee Dot Plate

You guys these Brussels Sprouts are delicious. They’re roasted in coconut oil so they have this great hint of a sweetness to them. This recipe is taken from Simply Keto and it’s on page 250. I used frozen Brussels Sprouts because our grocery store didn’t have fresh. It took a little bit longer to cook them / get them to brown up but once they did YUM! I reheated them in the air fryer the next day for 5 minutes and they were even better.

I messed up on the dipping sauce. You’re supposed to use Sriracha and I thought I had some at the house, since I just used it on the sushi bowls, wrong house. It’s in Dallas so instead I used Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and I LOVED it! I’m not a big Sriracha fan to begin with and the Frank’s gave it just enough flavor without it being spicy.

I ended up eating this as my afternoon snack. Yes, they were that good.

My top is TIBI

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