This Amazon Dress is Everything

I found this dress on Amazon a few years ago and thought it was so pretty. It comes in a variety of colors but it does look shorter on their website, just saying! 😦

It wasn’t until I saw the sailor outfit at Janie and Jack that I knew I needed this dress! It’s made out of cotton and very breathable but my favorite part is that the straps are adjustable!

This dress does need a belt to break it up. I’ve been wearing this one that I got on Amazon and I love that it’s stretchy. if you saw my post last week then you know I bought a new brown purse and black purse for the summer. This is the black one that I got.

Shop Here
Shop Here
Shop Here
Shop Here

I hate when my belt hangs down so I’ve been using these Velcro dots to hold my belt in place! They work for a day then take them off and throw them away! So far I haven’t had any sticky residue left on any of my belts!

Shop Here

These are the best cheap sunglasses I’ve found! They’re unisex, polarized and under $20 for all three. I loose my sunglasses every summer by setting them down somewhere when we’re traveling. I wanted something that I didn’t care about. If you’re like me than these are for you!

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