Gluten Free / Low Carb Meal Plan For The Week Of Monday, June 28th – Sunday, July 4th

Here’s the low carb / Gluten free meal plan for the week of Monday, June 28th – Sunday, July 4th. All recipes are taken from Southern Keto which was our March Book Club pick and Simply Keto which was our April Book Club pick. In case you missed my summer vacation announcement please read the post here. Otherwise, I’ll begin picking new books in August.

Breakfast: Egg Muffin (Southern Keto page 66) 0.6 net carbs

Lunch: Classic Egg Salad (Southern Keto page 130) 1.1 net carbs Serve on bed of spinach (2 cups) 0.8 net carbs or Serve on My Hamburger buns 4.3 net carbs

Snack #1: Pork Rinds 0 net carbs Guacamole (Simply Keto page 134) 2.8 net carbs

Snack #2: Blue Diamond Raw Almonds (1 oz or 24 almonds) 3 net carbs

Carb Count So Far for the Day: 8.3 net carbs (I used spinach in this count)

Monday Dinner: 14.3 net carbs Ranch Pork Chops – 0 net carbs Simply Roasted Brussels Sprouts (Simply Keto page 250) 6 net carbs  with Mick’s Spicy Aioli (Simply Keto page 78 but see my revisions here) NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Scalloped Poatoes (these are gluten free)

Pork Chop Directions:  pour avocado oil evenly over pork chops and rub all over.  Then season with Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning (this is NOT the dip powder).  Put more on than you think the flavor cooks off.  Cook for 40 minutes on 400 degrees do NOT flip.  

Tuesday Dinner: 13.6 net carbs Chicken Leg Quarters seasoned with salt and pepper (I like pink Himalayan sea salt and use fresh cracked black pepper.  It makes all the difference!) 0 net carbs Broccoli Cauliflower Salad (Southern Keto page 132) 5.3 net carbs NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Creamy Parmesan Risotto (these are gluten free)

Chicken Directions:  pour avocado oil evenly over chicken and rub all over.  Then season with salt and pepper then massage all over to evenly coat.  Cook for 40 minutes on 400 degrees do NOT flip.  It will be nice and crispy.  If chicken isn’t quite golden keep adding 5 minutes until you get the desired color. 

Wednesday Dinner: 16.7 Chicken Cordon Bleu ( Simply Keto page 192) 2.3 net carbs Old Fashioned Green Beans (Southern Keto 214) 6.1 net carbs NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Alfredo Risotto (this is gluten free)

Thursday Dinner: 15.9 Fried Chicken (Southern Keto page 182) 2.1 net carbs Loaded Roasted Cauliflower (Southern Keto 198) 5.5 net carbs NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Corn on the cob

Friday Dinner: 16.5 (This count includes my Hamburger Bun) Hamburgers bunless or Served on my Hamburger Buns 4.3 net carbs Creamy Coleslaw (Southern Keto page 134) 2.9 net carbs NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Sweet Potato Fries (these are gluten free)

Saturday Dinner: 12.6 net carbs Reverse Sear Garlic Rosemary Rib-Eye Steaks (Southern Keto page 176) 1.9 net carbs Parmesan Asparagus (Southern Keto page 211) 2.4 net carbs NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Shoe String Fries (these are gluten free)

Sunday Dinner: AKA 4th of July 14.2 net carbs Memphis Style Ribs (Southern Keto Page 152) 0.8 net carbs Southern Fauxtato Salad (Southern Keto page 136) 3 net carbs Skillet Cornbread (Southern Keto page 74) 2.1 net carbs NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Au Gratin Potatoes (these are gluten free)

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