Beach Skincare Routine

I don’t know how you are when you travel but I try to minimize the products that I take. When we go on vacation we’re ALWAYS outside either at the beach or on a mountain skiing. Most of the skincare products that I use make your skin sensitive to sunlight so I typically stop using them a week before. I started doing this because years ago I didn’t and the sun basically ate my skin and I was in so much pain. I also try to take some products that I can throw away at the end of our trip to make room for souvenirs that we buy. ie: toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash … stuff that weighs a lot. Yes, I do take full size bottles not travel size because when we travel it’s typically longer than a week and David and I use the same products.

This go around I also used Kricket’s products. I know someone is going to say I can’t believe you used that. It didn’t hurt anything, my face didn’t break out and they only thing is I know it’s not helping any of my dark spots or wrinkles so I won’t be using this long term.

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I used this first thing in the morning and I LOVED it! I normally use Tatcha Rice Polish in the morning. However, I was getting low and I knew that I was going to run out while we were at the beach but I didn’t order it soon enough so I started looking for a new product. I already use other Bliss products so I’m comftorable with the brand. I really like using a polish/exfoliator in the morning, I feel like my makeup goes on so much smoother.

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I discovered this brand when we were in Hawaii. I had gone down to the beach and forgot my sunscreen. Honestly, I was too lazy to walk back to our villa that was waaaay on the other side of the property, so I went to the gift shop and bought some sunscreen. I’ve been obsessed with this brand ever since. I had been using Image Skincare that was a daily moisturizer + sunscreen but it was always sold out so I had to find something else. I had no clue that Aloe Up made a daily moisturizer + sunscreen as well. So I was over the moon to find this. I love the way that it makes my skin feel. I used in the morning after I washed my face.

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This is the sunscreen that I used on my face through the day. I read that sunscreen only lasts 80 minutes. So after lunch this was what I put on.

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David found this sunscreen at Buy Buy Baby. As you know I’m a natural red head so I do burn! However, I’m native american and hispanic so after I get the first burn of the summer I tan … so weird. My shoulders normally get torched so this was what I was spraying on my shoulders, arms and chest. I also got a new cover up to wear in the afternoon that covered my arms. I love it! It’s the Vineyard Vines Harbor Shirt and it’s made out to the same material as fishing shirts, so it’s quick dry. It was a little expensive but it’s in a blue seersucker material which I feel is timeless and won’t go out of style. I had a Lilly Pulitzer cover up that David HATED so this was a welcome change! LOL

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I used the Target brand make up remover wipes. I didn’t wear that much make up while we were there so these worked great. Normally I use the Neutrogena wipes to remove my eye make up but these worked great for what I had on.

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I’m big on double cleansing before bed. I used Kricket’s eczema body wash on my face to wash off my remaining make up. It made my skin so soft! I also used the Aloe Up lotion before bed.

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I’m a bad mom I completely forgot the after sun lotion so I had to use Kricket’s eczema cream and let me tell you, WOW, I’ll never use after sun lotion again. I’ll strictly be using this stuff! My shoulders started to peel and I put a little drop on both shoulders in the morning when I woke up, after any shower that I took and before bed. I had a little peeling but not like I normally do. It was just a little here and there. I think this lotion mixed with the Coppertone sunscreen was hands down the best combination and yes, I did get a tan even with the Coppertone being 100 SPF!

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I normally use Fresh chapstick but I was at CVS and my lips were so chapped that I bought this one. I’m not a big Burt’s Bees fan (David LOVES the stuff! I fill his Christmas stocking with a few boxes) but this is legit! It still has the cooling effect like traditional Burt’s but it’s way more toned down.

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