Summer Makeup (under 10 minutes)

Every summer I go through the same thing. I want an easier and lighter makeup routine. It gets so hot in Texas that it’s almost a waste to even wear makeup, because it sweats right off! I’m still wearing foundation because of my melasma but like I said in the video you could completely skip the foundation if you don’t have dark spots that you’re trying to cover up. The CC cream (has an SPF of 50 which I LOVE) and the flawless finish compact really do give you an airbrush effect without all of the makeup.

I will say when it comes to applying the flawless finish powder don’t swipe or use the sponge, you don’t get the same effect. Just dab your powder brush on the compact and dab it on your face like I do in the video and your face will maintain an airbrushed look throughout the day. I find when you drag the brush across your face or use the sponge it’s a heavier look that doesn’t last all day.

What are your favorite summer products?

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