My Guide To Galveston, Texas

Every summer I go on a summer trip with my husband’s family. His father, brother, sister-in-law, their son and this year we added Miss Kricket to the bunch! We did not take a trip last summer due to the pandemic and that Kricket was so young. She was only born in April.

David and his family went to Galveston (Pirate’s Beach) for five summers then started moving around. All of us went five years ago when my nephew was three. There wasn’t a global pandemic so we were able to do more! LOL This trip was much more limited because of the kiddos. All of the adults are fully vaccinated but we’re just in that weird spot of how comfortable are we in a place we don’t know.

These were a couple of the museums / mansions that we toured five years ago that I thought were BEAUTIFUL! The story behind them is that they were among the few homes that survived the great hurricane of 1900. Bishop’s Palace is a whopping 19,082 SF Victorian home. It’s absolutely breathtaking. The detail work in both of these homes is extraordinary. I highly encourage you to do the audio tour on both of these homes.

Bishop’s Palace

The Moody Mansion is a thirty-one Romanesque home.

Moody Mansion

We went dolphin watching and had a blast! The captain was telling all kinds of ghost stories so my nephew Tommy was elated! The boat was covered which was nice and there was a breeze but it was hot so be prepared and take a cooler. Also, we were able to charter a boat with just our family. When we returned to the dock there was already another line forming for the next charter. It was CROWDED and the boat wasn’t very big. We did the 4:30 pm tour so it didn’t interfere with Kricket’s nap, you might want to consider going earlier. There were several cute restaurants at Fisherman’s Warf that looked like they would have been fun to sit on the patio and have a drink. The company that we went through was called BayWatch Dolphin Tours. The tour was about forty-five minutes long, so it was perfect for Kricket.

Yes, we saw dolphins!

David and his brother went trout and shark fishing and boy did they catch some fish! David’s a big believer that you have to eat whatever you kill. He’s not wasteful. Yes, we had trout and shark for dinner. I can say that I’ve had it and I never have to eat it again! They used a different guide the last time we were there, who they loved, and they just didn’t have too much to say about this charter so I’m not going to share their information. I only want to share contacts that i can stand behind.

Where to stay

Here are two big resorts that are right on the sea wall. Literally you just walk across the street and there’s the ocean! Supposedly Hotel Galvez is haunted or at least that’s what the dolphin captain told us! I’ve found the story and posted it below for you. The spa has a eucalyptus steam room … those are my absolute favorite!

Hotel Galvez
The San Luis Resort

Where To Eat

I’ve got to tell you that I was so nervous about dining out options. Especially ocean towns … everything is fried or full of stuffing. I thought I’d be eating steak for two weeks. The last night that we were there was Father’s Day and we had to be out of the house that we rented by 10 AM. Stephanie and I suggested going to the Galveston Country Club for dinner. We’d already been there a couple of times and were fine with eating on the patio. This also meant no dishes that night! Then came a hurricane! I looked at David and said there’s no way that we can sit on the patio. It would be different if the rain was coming straight down but this rain is sideways and look at that wind! Long story short we did not have dinner at the Galveston Country Club on our last night but at Gaido’s which is a Galveston institution. I believe I read outside that it’s been there for 115 years!

Again, here comes my anxiety with what am I going to eat it’s 6:00 pm what am I going to feed Kricket she eats between 6:30 and 7:00? We’re on borrowed time! We pulled up the menu and under the “Catch of the Day” section there was a box that said to ask your server about gluten free options. Well we didn’t have a server, we were calling in our order for pickup, so I called the restaurant. I spoke with a very nice host who said that I needed to speak with Trinity their to-go/pickup manager. He was WONDERFUL!!!! He told me that anything on the menu that said blackened, boiled or seared could be made gluten free. He also told me that when you tell your server about your food allergy they will use completely different pans to avoid cross contamination! I can’t tell you how excited I was to be able to order something with the rest of the family. I was so tired of feeling like we were being difficult! I told Trinity that we’d be calling in an order shortly for seven people. He took note of my name and noted that Kricket and I both have food allergies.

I ordered the grilled shrimp for Kricket and it came with a beautiful vegetable medley, which I also ate and it was delicious. I ordered the 8oz filet and creamed spinach for myself. When Tom called in the order he clarified that EVERYTHING we ordered (me and Kricket) was to be gluten free otherwise I don’t know if they garnish their creamed spinach with bread crumbs so beware and ask!

Where We Stayed Pirates Beach

I took pictures of the homes on our morning walks. Aren’t they adorable?!

This house reminds of a Tommy Bahama advertisement
This was our neighbors house isn’t it GORGEOUS!

The House We Rented (The link below is the VRBO listing)

Our House

The kitchen in this house was BREATHTAKING! I could have lived in the kitchen for the entire two weeks!

This was where Me, David and Kricket stayed. This was the bedroom on the third floor and had an amazing balcony. The house did have an elevator which was so nice but there was even another washer and dryer in this room. We’ve never traveled with a baby I didn’t know how important that would be!

This was the master on the second floor / main floor. The only thing that I didn’t like was that all of the bedrooms were right off of the kitchen. When Kricket woke up in the morning it was like people are still sleeping, keep it down, and no toys that make noise yet!

There were two bedrooms with bunk beds like this and a bathroom that connected the two rooms. The washer and dryer on the main floor was right outside of these rooms. Stephanie said it was great because if the washer was going you couldn’t hear anyone in the kitchen!

This was the view from our balcony. These two are identical twins in my eyes.

Stephanie planned several theme nights and this was the Pink Flamingo night. I just LOVE this picture and wanted to share it! We had a great two weeks at the beach and don’t forget to read my post on Beach Essentials, Vacation Skincare and Summer Makeup.

What are your plans for the summer? Are you going anywhere fun?

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  1. Went to college in Galveston, liked this read cause it brought me back to those days!

    1. We tried to go to Bolivar Island to have lunch at Stingaree’s but they had a big party the night before and couldn’t open for lunch! That was not fun to find out with a one year old that was hungry!! Glad you enjoyed the recap! xx Kelly

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