Keto / Low Carb / Gluten Free Pizza

I just found this in my drafts and can’t believe I never posted it. Better late than never right?

Yesterday Kricket was a bear! I got her down for her afternoon nap, this is when I start cooking dinner, an hour in she started crying and was awake. Of course I wanted pizza for dinner and was right in the middle of making the dough. No, our dinners are normally not so elaborate, LOL! This is a relatively simple recipe with just a few ingredients. This recipe is from my FAVORITE keto cookbook Southern Keto. The recipe that I used is her crust recipe not the toppings. The recipe can be found on page 184 of Southern Keto. Let’s be honest I’m by myself all day with a 6 month old, I don’t have time to do pulled pork.

This whole pizza takes about 30 minutes to make. Crust and all!

What do I use on my pizza to keep it low carb?

I like Rao’s Homemade Marinara (they don’t add sugar). It has 5 net carbs per 1/2 cup. You could only use 1/2 a cup on the entire pizza but I LOVE the flavor that Rao’s has. So I use 1 cup. Remember to look at carbs / sugar when buying your toppings. Even though the product might be the same thing every brand processes their food differently. I like sausage, onions and pepperoni on my pizza. While the crust is cooking I caramelize the onions and I brown the sausage. I find the Jimmy Dean Original Breakfast Sausage has a great flavor for pizza!

This is such a great crust it actually crisps up like real pizza crust not like cauliflower crust and it has less carbs than the cauliflower crust! You’re practically using carb free ingredients. Cream cheese, shredded mozzarella, egg, almond flour, baking powder and garlic powder.

This is my favorite almond flour to use because it’s not cross contaminated. Read the labels folks! Even though something might say it’s gluten free it will sometimes say it’s produced in a facility that uses wheat/gluten! Bob’s products ARE gluten free.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Here are a few tools that will make this easier:

These are my FAVORITE Pyrex bowls for so many reasons. They’re microwavable, they have lids so they can stack, they’re clear so I can see what’s in them in the refrigerator and they’re the thick glass that Pyrex is known for. If you want something a little prettier than here you go.

The recipe says to use your hands to min the dough it’s VERY sticky! Take my advice and use a silicone scraper to mix.

For those of you wondering what app I use to track my macros I use the Keto Diet app. I’ve used it for probably two years now and LOVE it! This is not a sponsored post and I’m not affiliated with them in anyway. Just FYI …

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