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I hope you had an AMAZING weekend! If you saw Saturday’s post then you know last week was a little rough at our house. Kricket was sick and I couldn’t figure out why. She had a horrible diaper rash and an upset tummy. She rarely lets me look around in her mouth, we were playing and I finally got her to do some giant belly laughs and I was able to see her teeth. She has three coming in ALL at the same time and on the top! She’s only had one diaper rash before and when I took her to the pediatrician he said that babies skin becomes very sensitive when they’re teething. So be aware. Two days after we left the pediatrician she cut her front two teeth! When I saw those three little chompers I was like ok now this all makes sense!

At least when her bottom teeth came in they did it one at a time. When these teeth come in together it’s brutal! Did you go through this when your kiddos were teething? Please tell me that it gets better! LOL

I know there are sooooo many apps out there that we’re constantly looking at so I’m trying to help you out and consolidate some of the chaos! I also think that can be a little confusing. Feel free to check out all of my posts on here or just browse my top 10 products/sales from last week.

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