How I Blowout My Hair Using The Revlon Wand

You guys are too funny! My blog always has the most hits for gluten free / keto food. On Instagram I get the most likes for fashion. Pinterest is beauty and home decor. Since it’s Self Care Sunday I thought I’d share the Revlon Wand and how I use it.

The only reason I’m sharing this is because the other day I did NOT use it and David asked me why my hair was so frizzy, LOL. I’d just used my regular hair dryer. So there’s an obvious difference!

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Volumizer Hot Air Brush

I do have to say that I didn’t purchase this dryer it was a gift from my sister in law as well as the towels and brush, but I’m obsessed with the combination! When we went to Hawaii a few years ago the gentleman that cuts my hair got me to start using this combination of hair products to fight the humidity. I really didn’t use them after Hawaii but I’ve been trying to get more volume since my hair has felt like it’s been thinning and just overall blah! I do feel like they work and that they hold curls. FYI, this Revlon Wand does not take the place of a curling iron. It’s more like getting a great blowout at home. I’m not coordinated enough to use a dryer and a round brush but that is the look that it gives you.

I WISH this detangling brush had been around when I was little. My mom and I used to get in the biggest blowouts over brushing my hair! Shop the Wet Brush Here.

Step 1: After washing hair brush hair out (this is the brush that my sister in law got me and it’s AMAZING!) pat hair dry with towel then wrap in this turban.

Youlertex Microfiber Hair Towel/Turban

I leave my hair in this for probably fifteen minutes or so. I do my makeup then my hair. It really absorbs the water so if your hair is thin you might not want to leave it on that long. Your hair still needs to be damp for the wand.

Step 2: I use this Confixor liquid gel mainly on my roots and then I brush through.

Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel

Step 3: I get the bottom section of hair around my neck and twist the rest up in a clip. Divide hair into the right section and left section. If you got a big piece you might want to divide your right side in 1/2 and left side in 1/2. See the video at the top for how I do it.

Medium Claw Clip

Turn wand on and run it down the section of hair. I like to leave it on my scalp for a five count. That’s where it’s always the most damp. I do like to pull it over the wand so there aren’t any kinks or wrinkles in my hair. Then wrap the section of hair from the tips to the scalp and leave it near your scalp for 5-10 seconds depending on how hot you can handle it. Then I unwind the wand just like a curling iron. If you’ve ever had your hair blown out then think of the wand EXACTLY like the round brush that the stylist uses and how they unwind the round brush. Repeat this step until hair is dry. Then move on to the next section.

Once your done with the hair around your neck I take the section from where the top of my ears are and I repeat the drying steps. The next section that I take is from where my eyebrows are. Once I get to my crown the process changes a bit since that’s where I want the volume!

Step 4: The crown. I typically like to have my hair, yes, side parted but then the back of my hair brushed back but with some volume. Yes, I’ve been known to tease! I spray these sections with volumizing tonic at the roots.

Aveda Volumizing Tonic

I continue taking thin 2″ sections as I work towards my face always curling under. Once all of my hair is dry I touch us the hair that frames my face focusing on the sections near my temples. I’m still trying to give myself some volume!

Step 5: I finish my blowout with this smoothing cream. This cream has been my holy grail especially while my hair has been growing back from postpartum hair loss. It tames all of those little frizzys! I just use a pea sized amount. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way. They I brush my hair out again. If I’m going to curl my hair I don’t do the next step.

Aveda Smooth Infusion – I LOVE the way this smells!

Step 6: Once I get my hair brushed and laying how I want I finish it off with a light mist of hair spray. If I still want a little bit more volume I’ll flip my head over and spray all over then flip my hair back up and spray focusing on my roots then brush it out agin. This hairspray is great for that. It’s also an anti-frizz hairspray!

TRESemme Frizz Control Hair Spray

If you’ve used the Revlon Wand I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you use this tool.

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