Keto Slow Cooker Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce

Last week I didn’t share this with you guys but on Sunday at brunch I had a couple of glasses of wine and by the time it was time to start dinner I just didn’t feel like it! David and I always say we feel like if we have one or two drinks we get really relaxed and a little tired, compared to when you’re at dinner or out with friends having drinks you get energized. Long story short we had takeout. Kricket and I got so sick, we had a gluten attack from cross contamination. David was joking but the next morning he told Kricket mommy was being lazy and didn’t make dinner which was why we were sick!

Ever since we’ve been dating Sunday’s were always for grilling out. We always had steaks, Dees peas, broccoli and cheese rice and a roll. Then when I was diagnosed with celiac it became Cauliflower cheese rice and a gluten free biscuit.

Before Kricket we were able to move at our own pace after church and brunch. Having a baby is totally different scheduling wise. You not only have to get yourself ready but you have to get the baby ready too! Last Sunday was the first time we’ve taken her to brunch at the Dallas Country Club and I’ve got to tell you I was shocked at how well she did for a 2.5 hour lunch! I actually did my hair and makeup at the kitchen table and used my computer as the mirror so that I could let her watch a movie in the living room.

After we got sick I decided no more! As everything seems to be returning to normal I know that means our regular Sunday activities will be as well. That means church then lunch and like last Sunday being tired and not wanting to cook, LOL! So I’ve created a new plan that solves all of my problems. Sunday’s are now Crockpot Sunday’s. I have the crockpot that has the ceramic dish that sits inside the crockpot with a lid. I’m putting all of the ingredients / prep the night before. Then I’m putting the dish in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning put it in the crockpot and turn it on low. I’ve already started my hunt for recipes that take 8-10 hours so that I’m not at brunch freaking out saying we need to get home. For that matter maybe now I really do need the crockpot that you can control through the app on your phone . . .

Yesterday was our first Crockpot Sunday. I made chicken with mushroom cream sauce, crispy asparagus and angel hair pasta for David. The recipe that I used was from May book club book Keto Instant Pot. The recipe is on page 240. What I Love about this cookbook is that there’s a section under each recipe for how to cook it using a slow cooker. I love my instant pot but it’s not really serving its purpose for what I’m trying to accomplish on Sunday’s.

The recipe calls for 4 chicken breast 4oz each. The package of chicken breasts that I got was really big. One chicken breast was 11.5 oz so I just used one breast and cut it up. The recipe says that it will feed four people. It really only fed three people so I’d probably double the recipe to feed a bigger family or even older kids.

The sauce was delicious, the mushroom and onion combination were delicious. I cooked the chicken on high for four hours since I didn’t go to the grocery store the night before and the chicken was falling apart I can’t imagine what it would be like if I’d cooked it for eight hours!

Do you do crockpot meals for your family?

Tools to make this easier:

Crockpot Liners these make clean up a breeze
This is my favorite crockpot. It’s easy to use, no fuss, and it has the warming feature.
If you’re looking for one a little bit prettier that can sit on your countertop this is a great option.
Digital scale. I use mine all the time!

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