The Best Stain Remover. It Even Got Red Wine Out of White Pants.

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I’ve got to say that I now understand “play clothes.” When we were in Galveston last month I had Kricket in some white pants the last night that we were there and they were so dirty from crawling around.

I was going to take them to a dry cleaner in Dallas. He’s always posting videos on Instagram about getting tough stains out. Then she got grease on a shirt the other day and I needed a stain remover. That’s when I went down the Google rabbit hole and came across Dreft Stain Remover.

We already use Dreft Stage 2 laundry detergent and I will say David got red Crystal Light all over a light blue polo. He didn’t tell me about it until the next morning and I was SHOCKED that Dreft got it out.

I found the stain remover at Target and went through the online reviews, most were good there were a few that just said it didn’t work. It’s just under $4.00 so I ran up to Target to try. I also got a cheapy toothbrush to help work the stain out.

I sprayed the knees with Dreft then I took the toothbrush, scrubbed then I sprayed it again and let it sit for five minutes. It was during this time that I discovered there was a little splatter of red wine.

She was all over the place it could’ve been on the floor or they’ve been sitting on the kitchen table for weeks so I could’ve done it. No clue how the red wine got on the white pants.

So I sprayed and scrubbed this spot. After that I put it in the washing machine in warm water. I didn’t use hot because I didn’t want to shrink the pants.

You guys I was shocked that everything came out! I’m not joking I was then going through Kricket’s closet to find more clothes to spray! My dad got taco meat on one of her shirts that left some grease stains. This was a set in stain Dreft also got this out.

I know everyone swears by Oxi Clean but I’m such a believer in Dreft. We use their stage 2 laundry detergent on all of our laundry. When Kricket was diagnosed with Eczema our pediatrician said anyone that was holding her needed to use it. My mom and step dad have even switched to it!

If you don’t order this online and go to the store it’s NOT in the laundry section. It’s in the baby section with the diaper rash cream and baby wash. At least that where it’s located at the Target on Northwest Highway in Dallas.

What’s your favorite stain remover that you swear by?

Amazon – Shop Here
Amazon – Shop Here
Amazon – Shop Here
Amazon – Shop Here
Target – Shop Here

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