Gluten Free / Low Carb Chip Alternatives

Chip alternatives that still give you a crunch:

  • Bell Peppers
  • Cucumbers
  • Pork Rinds
  • Celery
  • Pickles

While it’s always better to make your own dips and dressing, so you know what’s going in your food and there aren’t any preservatives, I know we don’t always have time to make everything from scratch. Most dips that are in the chip isle have around 3 net carbs. Just make sure you measure out the serving size so that you don’t overeat and screw up your carb count for the day. Typical serving size is two tablespoons.

Always read the ingredients to check for wheat or food processed in a facility with wheat.

This first snack was a shocker to me. KetBuns on Instagram suggested that when you go to a Mexican restaurant ask for a side of pickles to eat with the queso instead of the corn tortillas chips.

I tried this yesterday and I actually tried it two ways. I put some pickles in the air fryer to get them to crisp up like chips. I did five minutes on each side. Surprisingly they were better with the queso right out of the jar. Who knew!


I went to link her on this post. She didn’t say pickles she said cucumbers. I tried this at lunch today. Don’t do it! It was horrible! Stick with the pickles. I know it sounds crazy and no I’m not pregnant but it was shockingly good! I will still link her here because she has great suggestions.

The next one that I love is cucumbers. They’re an excellent chip alternative. I normally like cucumbers in ranch dressing or with hummus but a few weeks ago I ordered dinner online from Zoe’s. They have an avocado smash and I was able to substitute the pita bread for cucumbers. It was delicious! Kricket even gobbled it up.

If you’re looking for more of a chip chip then Pork Rinds are for you! These “chips” have zero carbs and around 80 calories depending on the brand so it’s an excellent option. Here’s the downside I do think that they have a funny smell when you open the bag. A few months ago I discovered MAC’S BBQ Pork Rinds at Walmart and these don’t have a smell and they’re delicious! The bbq flavoring isn’t very intense so they’re great to use with dips.

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