Instant Pot / Gluten Free / Low Carb Egg Salad Sandwiches

There’s something about the summer that screams egg salad to me. If you don’t like egg salad well I’m sorry you should probably quit reading this post! Just kidding! Maybe the picture of this sandwich will encourage you to try it?!

A couple of weeks ago my mom told me that she used her Instant Pot to make hard boiled eggs. She makes the BEST deviled eggs! She told me that the shell just peeled right off and that it was so easy. So this past Friday I decided to meal prep and make egg salad for our lunch over the weekend. I used my instant pot to hard boil the eggs but I used the recipe from the Keto Instant Pot cookbook. The eggs themselves were fine but the peeling was HORRIBLE! The directions did NOT say to put them in a steaming basket which my mom said is key! She was right! So FYI if you decide to hard boil your eggs in the instant pot use a steaming basket plus then you can just pull it out and run it under cold water. I had to use a slotted spoon.

My mom said to put one cup of cold water in your instant pot then put the steaming basket in with your eggs. Your eggs will not be in the water. This was what confused me. Essentially you’re steaming the eggs. Push the egg function (5 minutes). Let your instant pot do the work and when it’s done hit the quick release. Remove the steaming basket and either submerge in an ice bath or run under cold water. Once they’re cool enough to touch, peel away!

The egg salad recipe that I used was from Southern Keto on page 130 and has 1.1 net carbs. I wasn’t crazy about the color but it is what it is. I used the drop biscuit recipe also from Southern Keto (page 72) they have 1.5 net carbs, but you could also use my hamburger buns which have 4.3 net carbs. I also put a slice of tomato and lettuce on my sandwich. If you’ve been here for awhile then you know, YES, I had Mac’s BBQ Pork Rinds … my FAVORITE not only because they have zero carbs and only eighty calories but because they taste delicious and I feel like I’m eating chips.

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