Gluten Free / Low Carb / Keto Meal Plan For The Week Of Monday, August 16th – Sunday, August 22nd

I told you guys last week about my episode and how I had a doctors appointment this past week. So update! I went in on Thursday and frankly I really didn’t get any answers. I don’t feel like I was being heard. My doctors office was slammed that day and I don’t know if they were trying to hurry me out or what. They decided to put me on the Freestyle Libre 2 which is the reader that goes on your arm and constantly reads your blood glucose. This should be helpful for when I start to drop. They’ve also gave me glucose tablets for when I drop below 60.

My father in law who’s a retired internal medicine doctor had me ask them if I’d ever been tested for Type 1 diabetes? Long story short the answer was no. So they’re running those labs right now and I should know something this week or next. David called his dad when I had my episode and told him what was going on. Gave him the rundown on my symptoms, etc. He thinks that maybe I’ve always had this and it’s been dormant in my body, when I was pregnant and got gestational diabetes it brought it out. Also, both of my grandparents on my dad’s side have diabetes. They said that Hispanics, Native Americans and African Americans are more likely to have diabetes. I’m Hispanic and Native American so there’s that! LOL

So we’ll see what happens this week. I’ll keep you updated!

Here’s a funny picture of Kricket 😂

Here’s the low carb / Gluten free meal plan for the week of Monday, August 16th – Sunday, August 22nd. All recipes are taken from Southern Keto which was our March Book Club pick, Simply Keto which was our April Book Club pick and Instant Pot Keto which was our May Book Club pick.

Breakfast: Egg Muffins (Southern Keto page 66) 0.6 net carbs

I make these ahead of time which makes mornings so much easier. Simply put the muffins on a baking sheet and in the oven at 350 degrees for ten minutes. You could also reheat these in the microwave but if you’re a frequent reader of my blog than you know my feelings regarding microwaves! LOL I think they change the taste / texture of food.

Lunch: Hamburger with BBQ pork rinds = 6.3 net carbs

I use these hamburger patties (I can’t find them in the store only online). Cook in the oven for twelve minutes then put a slice of cheese (1 net carb) on the meat and cook for an additional three minutes. I also line the baking sheet with parchment paper. It makes clean up so much easier with the melted cheese! I also use my gluten free hamburger buns (4.3 net carbs) a slice of tomato (1 net carbs) and Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise on the bread. You guys know that I ONLY eat these pork rinds. There isn’t a smell or aftertaste and the bbq seasoning is perfect. These also satisfy my craving for chips!

Snack #1: 1/2 Avocado = 1 net carbs

Snack #2: String Cheese = 1 net carb Some have 0 carbs and others have 1 carb so just read the label and get whichever one has fewer carbs

Carb Count So Far for the Day: 8.9 net carbs

Monday Dinner: Chicken Leg Quarters seasoned with Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning (not the dip mix but the seasoning!) 0 net carbs Old Fashioned Green Beans (Southern Keto page 214) 6.1 net carbs NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Creamy Parmesan Risotto (these are gluten free) Carb Count For The Day: 15 net carbs

Chicken Directions:  pour avocado oil (this is my favorite) evenly over chicken and rub all over.  Then season with ranch seasoning. Pour generously all over to evenly coat. Then pat to stick. I only cover the top of the chicken. Cook for 40 minutes on 400 degrees do NOT flip.  It will be nice and crispy.  If chicken isn’t quite golden keep adding 5 minutes until you get the desired color. 

Tuesday Dinner: Barbacoa (Instant Pot Keto page 178) 2 net carbs Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice (Simply Keto page 243) 4.2 net carbs NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Tortillas for making a burrito or taco Carb Count For The Day: 15.1 net carbs

Wednesday Dinner: Grilled Steak (I like to season with Lawry’s Seasoning Salt and Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce) 0 net carbs BLT Wedge Salad (Southern Keto page 138) 6.4 net carbs  NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Scalloped Potatoes (these are gluten free) Carb Count For The Day: 15.3 net carbs

Thursday Dinner: Pot Sticker Bowls (Instant Pot Keto page 206) 4 net carbs NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Gluten Free egg rolls (chicken or vegetable) I had these when I was pregnant and they’re delicious. This brand also makes potstickers that are really good. I didn’t have that many craving except for fried rice and donuts. My step dad made fried rice for dinner one night and my mom had these egg rolls and potstickers on the side. Carb Count For The Day: 12.3 net carbs

Friday Dinner: White Fish Poached in Garlic Cream Sauce (Instant Pot Keto page 278) 1.8 net carbs Crispy Asparagus (Southern Keto page 211) 2.4 net carbs Green Giant Frozen Cauliflower Risotto Medley (I put this in a pan and cook with two tablespoons of butter, two tablespoons of heavy cream and fresh cracked black pepper to taste. Cook until there isn’t any water in the pan) 2 net carbs Carb Count For The Day: 14.5 net carbs

Saturday Dinner: Ranch Mini Meatloves (Instant Pot Keto page 158) 0.8 net carbs Roasted Broccoli (Simply Keto page 248) 2.5 net carbs Easy Caulimash (Southern Keto page 210) 4.9 net carbs NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Alfredo Risotto (this one is gluten free) Carb Count For The Day: 16.5 net carbs

Sunday Dinner: Roast Chicken (Instant Pot Keto Page 222) 3 net carbs – I’ll be using the crockpot directions at the bottom of the page so that I can start this in the morning before church. Green Giant Frozen Cauliflower Risotto Medley (I put this in a pan and cook with two tablespoons of butter, two tablespoons of heavy cream and fresh cracked black pepper to taste. Cook until there isn’t any water in the pan) 2 net carbs Drop Biscuits (Southern Keto Page 72) 1.5 net carbs (I keep these on hand at all times. I usually make a batch of the biscuits and a batch of my hamburger buns every other morning They’re great for snacks. Put a little cream cheese on them and some everything bagel seasoning!) NON-LOW CARB EATERS: Roasted carrots Carb Count For The Day: 14.8 net carbs

Again, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a nutritionist I’m just a mom that has diabetes and Celiac disease and knows how to plan a dinner / dinner party. Since I’m so easily affected by cross contamination we do eat at home a lot and actually prefer to have friends over instead of going out. It’s just easier, and my parents said all of that partying in my 20’s would never amount to anything! LOL! David and I are EXCELLENT hosts … or at least I think we are! HAHAHA 😉

Here are a few tools that do make cooking at home a little bit easier:

This one is HUGE for me because I never know when a recipe calls for lets just say 2 cups of spinach … is it packed in there is it loose? It’s easier to just weigh everything. All food labels will give a serving size in cups and in grams. You can turn the scale to grams and weigh your servings to stay on track with your macros. Yes, I do weigh everything including my wine!

These Pyrex casserole dishes are my favorite. I’m big on making food ahead of time. With these I can cook leisurely or the day before and stick them in the fridge! These lids are so much better than til foil because I can stack them! Since these are also baking dishes they’re safe to stick in the oven to re-heat.

Gluten Free / Low Carb / Keto Meal Plan for the week of Monday, August 9th - Sunday, August 18th, 2021.  All meals are family friendly and approved!
Crockpot liners … Holy moly if you’re not using these you’re doing it wrong! They make cleanup a breeze.
I have a few crockpot’s but this one is my favorite. Maybe because it’s so simple to use and it has a warming feature!

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