Press On Nails are So 80’s, I Know! Except They’ve Really Upped Their Game!

This has got to be on of the most random things I’ve done. I was at Target the other day picking up dinner and my pointer finger on my left hand well the nail is splitting. It’s done this for years which is why I get the dip nail polish when I get a manicure. It puts that hard shell over my nail and really helps. So I’m at Target and I went over to the nail isle to get some glue and a new nail file. Right next to the glue were press on nails and they were for petite hands. I’ve NEVER seen this but I’ve also never look at press on nails! Well not since I was like ten! Anyhow these were short and had a really pretty french tip design. They looked so natural. They were also only $4.99 so I was like well lets give it a shot!

I’ve been seeing press on nails at Nordstrom that look just like dip nails. They look AMAZINGLY real! I’ve been on their website but never pulled the trigger so my thought was lets give these a try. If you’ve been watching my Instagram Stories than you know I like shorter nails with the french tip ombre. However the place that I like in Dallas and can actually do that design charges $95.00. NO THANK YOU! My nails grow pretty fast and yes I can make dip nails last a month but by the time I need to get them done they’re so long.

The ones that I bought at Target are by Kiss and I even found them on Amazon in a few colors only after searching for some time! Did you know that Amazon has a TON of nails and in all colors? They even have them for your toes. I never knew that was a thing. Anyhow, last Sunday night I sat outside because of the glue and got them on. They were so easy and fit my nails perfectly! They look so real I was shocked. We were on a walk a few nights later and David even complimented how nice and natural my nails looked. He wanted to know how I did the white part and that’s when I told him that they were fake. He couldn’t believe it. Then I told him what I paid for these compared to when I go to the salon. One he couldn’t believe I paid that much to get my nails done but the last two times I’ve had them done I’ve been so disappointed with the way that they looked and now I was finally able to get the shape and color that I wanted. He never compliments my nails so this was a pretty big deal.

For over a year we’ve been in lockdown and I didn’t get my hair done, I didn’t get my nails done and I felt gross. I don’t know about you. I hope we’re not about to go through another set of lockdowns but just doing these little things like coloring my grays and doing my nails makes me feel better. I LOVE that I’m finding products that I can use myself and at home.

These are the nails that I found at Nordstrom. They’re reusable and supposedly will last for a month. They’re called Static Nails and come in a variety of colors and shapes. I prefer the square nails because they’re the shortest and I can round the edges a bit with an emory board to get the shape I like. I’m telling you these “Press on Nails” don’t look like they used to when I was growing up!

Mademoiselle Square – These are currently sold out so make sure you’re getting my emails with back in stock alerts and discount codes
Meet Me In Paris

Everything I’ve been reading online about the press on nails … even though they’re glue says to use the brush on glue. I’ll admit that’s what I used on Sunday and it made things so much easier and cleaner. I had just the right amount so when I pressed down I didn’t have any come out on the edges. I did have a couple pop off on the Kiss nails so I’ve been keeping a bottle of glue in my purse make-up bag. Also, completely random, ladies pick up a small bottle of Gorilla Glue and keep it in your make-up bag. David and I were at one of the balls during Mardi Gras and my heel broke. I caught my shoe on something. David left me at the hotel and ran to CVS in his white tie and tails to pick some glue up and fix my shoe. We were standing by a restroom outside of the ballroom and a lady walked by and said the same thing happened to her the night before! So keep glue in your purse. 😉

What kind of pampering do you do for yourself?

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