This tweed blazer is the perfect transition piece and it looks way more expensive than it is.

I bought this blazer and matching shorts maybe a month ago. My thought process was that when we go to dinner especially in the summer it’s so hot outside but FREEZING in the restaurant. I never feel like a wrap does enough and I hate taking a sweater or fleece! When I saw this outfit I thought how great! I can wear the shorts, a top and carry the blazer! I’ll still look put together.

This outfit comes in three colors white (the pictures look cream), blue and green. I decided on the green because I have the great strappy green Chanel heels with the cutest ladybug on them that I never wear because they don’t go with anything! I have one skirt that I got them for but I thought oh I can wear those shoes with another outfit! So that’s why I got the green.

From everything that I read online I didn’t expect the blazer or the shorts to be lined. So I was shocked when both pieces arrived and were lined. The blazer was under $40 and the shorts were under $20. The quality is AMAZING. It was my first time ordering from this store and you can guarantee that I’ll be a returning customer!

I’m wearing a small in the shorts and a small in the blazer. The sleeves are a little long on the blazer but I put rubber bands on the sleeves and scrunched them up so the rubber bands weren’t visible.

This past Saturday was my nephew’s birthday dinner with our family. My father in law hosted the dinner at his house which is always fun but I get cold. So I decided to wear the blazer and white jeans. Here’s the thing he loves hanging out in the backyard and having pre-dinner drinks. It’s so far beyond hot in Texas that the blazer doesn’t work outside hence the cute bodysuit! I put the blazer on when we went inside and I was so thankful to have it because I was FREEZING!

I wore my Abercrombie & Fitch scuba tank bodysuit which was perfect for the hot weather, it doesn’t show sweat and the bodysuit gives a more tailored look than just a regular tank top! Since I’m wearing the white tank I sized up. I feel like their white bodysuits are a little see through. I’m wearing an XS. I also have the black and ordered an XXS. It fits perfectly and isn’t see through. They’re pretty true to size.

The white jeans that I’m wearing are the J. Crew girls runaround jeans that I LOVE. In case you missed one of my stories on Instagram I did a size breakdown on girls pants. If you’re petite you really need to check this out! I wear a size 12 and have room. I don’t like my jeans tight especially in the hot months because I don’t like my clothes to stick to me. (J. Crew girls jeans go up to a 28″ waist, 125 pounds and 68″ tall … also they’re on sale for $19.50)

I initially put my green Chanel heels on (again, this was why I brought the green outfit) and just before we were leaving I was checking my blood sugar and Kricket crawled over to my feet and yanked the ladybug off of my shoe!

I ended up wearing these Christian Louboutin heels. They’re old so I can’t link them but I think these Steve Madden sandals would be equally as cute. They come in three different colors.

Steve Madden

I wore my gold flower earrings with diamonds but I found these on Amazon that are pretty close minus the stones.


This is the replica necklace that Aleksandr Petrovsky gave Carrie at the end of Sex and the City. I’ve had these earrings for years but I didn’t have a necklace to go with them. I wanted something simple and dainty so I was beyond excited to find it in gold! Also, the original one is over $50,000.00 this one is under $50!

Necklace – it also comes in silver

Shop Outfit

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