Instant Pot Roasted Chicken

First I Love Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area Central Market has a Lemon Rosemary Chicken that’s to die for!

The problem is I can NEVER seem to get there on time. I’m either too early and they’re not out yet or I get there too late and everything is picked over.

I try to always have shredded chicken in the fridge for quesadillas, nachos, easy meals/snacks for David but I’ve started noticing how expensive chicken breast have gotten. I was at Sam’s and noticed I could get two 4-5 pound chickens for the same price. Hence the weekly roasted chicken. It’s great sliced up, heat and put on bread for a sandwich. My favorite is with Mayo but Dijon mustard is equally as good.

David doesn’t have a gluten allergy so he uses white bread. Kricket and I use these buns and Kricket likes a tomato slice on her sandwich. The almond flour makes this bread incredibly filling. When I have these sandwiches for lunch I’ve noticed I don’t have that 3pm hangry hunger!

I found this recipe in the Instant Pot Keto cookbook. It’s taken a few weeks to get it modified to my family’s tastebuds but here it is.


Start by washing the lemon and onion. Then cut both into quarters.

Next you’re going to rinse the chicken (make sure there isn’t anything inside the cavity of the bird) I like to get two plates for this step. One to put the chicken on once I take it out of the bag and for the second plate I like to get a couple of paper towels and line the plate. When you rinse off the chicken you’re going to pat it dry and the paper towels on the plate help to dry off the underside of the bird.

Now that you’ve dried your bird your going to place the quartered lemon and onion inside the bird. I like to alternate onion, lemon as I put them in so that the flavors are evenly distributed.

Then you’re going to take your kitchen string and tie the birds legs together and get those legs tight in front of the cavity hole so that your lemons and onions don’t fall out. Ladies I know that you’ve all seen Fifty Shades of Gray! I know that you can do this! LOL 😂

Once, you have your bird tied up place him on a plate breast side down. It’s hiney should be in the air.

Then you’re going to take your Paprika and rub it all over your bird. Tip: I like to measure the Paprika out first and put it in a small cup/ramekin so that I can grab it with my fingers to rub on the bird in sections. I also only season the top of the bird.

Next you’re going to get your black pepper mill and crack it all over your bird. Tip: I lightly coat it with salt and pepper. It’s not a heavy coating. Your bird will look like it’s been lightly dusted with black pepper.

Then take your Pink Himalayan Sea Salt grinder and season the same way you did with the fresh cracked black pepper.

Now you’re going to put one cup of chicken broth in the bowl of your Instant Pot. This was where I got confused you do NOT use the trivet. You want the bird to sit directly in the broth. This is what makes it sooooo juicy. Tip: I use the Whole Foods brand 365 you can get it here on Amazon. It has zero carbs and is surprisingly reasonably priced. I’ve been shocked when I read chicken broth labels! I’ve seen some with as many as 12 carbs!)

Next you’re going to put your bird (breast side down / into the chicken broth, Seasoning side up in the air) in the instant pot. Put lid on instant pot and lock.

Turn instant pot to pressure cook mode and set the timer for 20 minutes. Once it’s done cooking you want to do natural release. Everything that I’ve read has said that the natural release can take 30 minutes. So I just leave the bird in the instant pot for 30 minutes after it’s done cooking. My instant pot has a warming feature that kicks on once cooking is complete and it has a clock that lets you know how long it’s been on the warming setting. Once it gets to 30 minutes I press the pressure valve and nothing ever comes out so the 30 minutes does seem to work.

When the cooking timer goes off (20 minutes) I turn my oven onto broil and let it heat up while the natural release is going on.

Once the natural release is done press the pressure valve (just in case) and then open the instant pot lid. Okay, here’s where it gets tricky and the one thing I don’t like about this recipe. Since the bird isn’t on a trivet or a sling it’s a pain to get out! Very carefully remove the instant Pot bowl and drain the liquid in the sink. I do it very slowly so that the bird doesn’t fall out!

Once there’s jus a little liquid in your pot your going to put the bird on a baking sheet. I always line my baking sheets with Parchment paper. It makes cleanup a little easier but cooking spray or these silicone mats work great too!

I use two sets of tongs to remove the bird from the pot. Put one set up the whole in front and another set up the whole in the back. The bird is so tender you don’t want to grab the legs or the wings because they’ll come right off … trust me🤦🏻‍♀️!

I have my oven rack on the 3rd level down from the top. You want to get the bird as close to the burner as possible so that your bird gets nice and crispy.

Cook your bird for 5 minutes and then check. I normally continue cooking for anther 3 minutes but it’s all based on personal preference (how crispy you like your bird), the size of your bird and how your oven distributes heat, etc.

This one is important! Let your bird rest for 10 minutes. Don’t cut it, don’t check the temperature yet. Once you puncture the skin all of the juices are going to escape.

Once your 10 minutes are up feel free to check the birds temperature. Chicken should always be 165 degrees or hotter.

If we’re not having it for dinner I slice up the bird to use for sandwiches. I’ve found that putting it on a plate in the microwave for 30 seconds with a paper towel over it, then flipping the slices and heating it up for another 30 seconds works perfectly!

Let me know if you try this recipe and what you think. If you post it on Instagram please tag me @gardens_interiors and use #cookingwithgibs! I always love to see your presentation. You guys are so creative!

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